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While VR has been around for quite sometime, it can still considered as uncharted territory. On the otherhand, we have companies that are willing to push the boundaries. Sony’s PSVR is willing to go further with its upcoming VR Shooter, Farpoint. Set in a planet far-away, maybe this is the game we’ve all been waiting for. Anyhow, here are some reasons that might make you think of getting the game:

For starters, it’s the first PlayStation VR title to use the new Aim Controller. Together with the game’s VR mode, you’ll really get a taste of what it’s like to be battling alien life forms in another planet.



Next question then is, why should you get the Farpoint bundle pack (game + Aim Controller) that’s available by May 16?  We outline 4 reasons why it’s worth investing and how it’ll take your gaming experience to outer space levels.

Reason#1: It pioneers the use of the PS VR Aim Controller
The PS VR Aim Controller isn’t like the gun implement of older PS consoles. You control movement through it, use it like a rifle, and pull the trigger with gusto as you go beast mode on squashing alien life forms. It puts you in fuller control as a gamer and gives you that feeling of being a space gunslinger especially when you use it with…

Reason#2: PlayStation VR Headset
Put on the PS VR Headset and you’ll feel right smack in the middle of alien territory. Farpoint’s graphics ensure you feel the depth of the setting—allowing you to tread carefully as you hold your gun—ready to fire anytime to keep them creatures at bay.

Reason#3: Farpoint’s Storyline and Gameplay
Essentially, you crash onto a foreign planet and get separated from the rest of your pack. But as you go along in finding them and dealing with the assortment of aliens heading your way, you get to use different guns which maximizes the PS VR Aim Controller. You also explore and discover different spots around the planet as you try and survive.

Reason#4: The Adrenaline Rush!
Because Farpoint will give you the as-real-as-it-gets experience, you’ll be moving quite a lot, too! You duck, dodge, shoot a gun, and maybe find yourself suddenly running away from creepy and slimy crawlers. Better make sure you have space around you when you play. This game is definitely immersive and you’ll get a good feel of being the lead character in this story.