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4 Things We Love about the Ford Territory Titanium X – Drive Experience


The Ford Territory is the first vehicle that was launched during the height of the pandemic, in an unexpected turn of events it gained popularity among vehicles seekers cause of its ample tech features and competitive pricing.


Now that we are now going back to normal the 2nd generation Ford Territory is also here with a more prominent look, bigger size and with more innovative package. We got a week to use the Ford Territory Titanium X Edition,

Here are the 5 things we love and enjoyed about the 2024 Ford Territory Titanium X Edition

1. Now Bigger as an SUV + Modern Style

The 2024 Territory is even bigger compared to the previous generation with the intent of being in the SUV category rather than being at the crossover category. The overall vehicle is more squarish to maximize the space available inside and outside.


2. Spacious Interior + Good Noise Isolation

Thanks to the upgrade in being an SUV we are glad to share that the overall inside cabin is spacious and comfortable. Additionally, noise isolation wise it can really negate outside environment which is complimentary to the focus of being more of a vehicle that focus on ride comfort.



The doors open fully to be able to enter easier, ideal for elder family members. Plus, the ceiling gap is great that your hair won’t even touch the overhead carpet.


3.Quiet but Performing 1.5L EcoBoost Engine

The 1.5L EcoBoost Engine in the Territory is amazingly steady and quiet in performance, in a context it performs gradually rather than pushing the metal to the pedal. In my experience there aren’t any sudden jerks when you want to accelerate in a rush, nor it doesn’t jitter when slowing down.

cuvaThis engine profile is more skewed for premium comfort, but still powerful enough for most highways and not back throttling in overtaking nor long distance drives.

4.Feature Rich & Modern Interior 

We love the panoramic dashboard and instrument cluster combined, combined with the black and gray-cream color combination cabin. This gives the Territory a more pristine looking surrounding, combined that with the quiet yet powerful engine roar similar in having the ambiance inside a passenger airplane.


Knobs at the center console for accessing the dashboard without touching the screen is thoughtful, plus we are glad to see the dedicated aircon touch controls as this is a pain point for me if you have to adjust settings using a digital screen.



The front two seats have ventilation included which is ideal to avoid the sweaty back in long duration traffics.


Heads Up Observation


  • Piano black finish – We honestly think that Ford should have not choose this material as the black accent knobs and dashboard items are so easy to get scratched.
  • Anti Collision warning is annoying – You can easily adjust the sensitivity of this feature, but in bumper-to-bumper traffic this will be alarming you more than usual.



The new Ford Territory is a strong iteration to the previous series, design of having more space, comfort and ideal for professionals that prioritizes passenger experience ahead of driving experience. Of course the car is still fun to drive, it’s not dull at all in expectations.  For a family of 5 or a single professional the Territory indeed puts the narrative that the vehicle can be your representation of your territory persona.

Ford Territory 2024 SRP

 Territory Titanium 1.5L EcoBoost 7-Speed AT PhP 1,335,000
Territory Titanium X 1.5L EcoBoost 7-Speed AT  PhP 1,599,000
Territory Sport 1.5L EcoBoost 7-Speed AT PhP 1,625,000





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