5G Tower Antenna Telco Stock
5G Tower Antenna Telco Stock
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According to the June 2021 5G Experience Asia Pacific Benchmark report by Opensignal, the Philippins’ download speeds are now set at 141Mbps, which is among the fastest in the region.

In comparison, the Philippines’ 5G download speed is faster than Hong Kong’s at 134.8Mbps and Thailand’s at 122.5Mbps. At its peak, 5G speeds in the country can go as fast as 426.2Mbps. Philippines also registers an improvement of about 10.4 times compared to 4G downloads.

Opensignal has also reported on several milestones for 5G in the Philippines. Philippines has a score of 79.3 in 5G Video Experience and 5G Games Experience is put at 68.1, both of which are higher than Japan’s 76.7 and 64.9, respectively. 5G Voice App experience is also best among the region with a score of 79.7.


Despite health and quarantine protocols due to the pandemic, Globe has been ramping up its 5G presence in Metro Manila and key cities and locations all over the country. Recent reports also put their 5G availability in NCR at 88% coverage.

According to Ookla’s Q1 2021 data, Globe remains the leader in mobile network consistency in the Philippines with a consistency score of 70.43%. Based on region, Globe also places as the highest mobile consistency scores in Calabarzon, Central Luzon, Northern Mindanao, Ilocos Region, Eastern Visayas, Bicol, MIMAROPA, Cagayan Valley, Zamboanga Peninsula, and Cordillera Administrative Region.