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Anker powerbank deals you can get this Rainy Season


The monsoon season is here and power outages can happen when you least expect them. To help you prepare for these unforeseen consequences, Anker is giving you options that can keep you afloat during outages.

Anker PowerCore Slim 10K

Anker PowerCore 10K Slim

The Anker PowerCore Slim has a compact design making it a suitable companion whenever you go out. It supports a 12W charger and is one of the slimmest 10,000mAh powerbanks in the market allowing to charge most smartphones twice. It is priced at PhP 1,695.

Anker PowerCore Slim 10K Wireless

Anker PowerCore 10K Wireless

At PhP 3,495, the PowerCore Metro Essential 20K PD supports 10W wireless charging and 18 wired charging through its USB-C and USB-A ports. It can wirelessly charge smartphones and TWS headphones that support wireless charging.

PowerCore Metro Essential 20K PD

Anker PowerCore Metro Essential 20K

Charge your smartphone more than twice with the PowerCore Metro Essential 20K PD. Priced at PhP 3,595, it supports 20W USB-C and 18W USB-A fast charging – ideal if you are going out for an extended amount of time or if you want to share your powerbank with someone.

737 PowerBank GaNPrime 24K

Anker 737 GaNPrime Powerbank

The 737 PowerBank GaNPrime 24K supports 140W ultra-fast charging that not only charges smartphones but also laptops if you want to work outside or in an outage. Priced at PhP 9,895, it also comes with a digital display that shows input and ouput power, as well as the estimated time to charge itself.

Anker 535 PowerHouse

Anker 535 Powerhouse

The ultimate powerbank from Anker, the 535 Powerhouse can charge smartphones, laptops, power a fridge for up to 10.4 hours, a TV for up to 3 hours, and even a core. It is designed more of a mini-generator supporting 512W and 9 ports including a car outlet. It is priced at PhP 35,995.

You can get deals on Anker powerbanks and accessories by visting their official website and official Anker stores on LazMall and ShopeeMall. Their deices are also available nationwide at Anker retail stores, Power Mac Center, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, S&R, Landers, and other authorized retailers.




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