Anno 1800 Empire of the Skies DLC
Anno 1800 Empire of the Skies DLC
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Starting today, Anno 1800 players can elevate their aerial mastery with new airships that enable them to transfer workforce and conquer opponent’s islands, in Empire of the Skies, the second DLC of Anno 1800’s fourth season. In the New World session, players are now able to use new constructions materials. Players can discover new anti-air technologies, a new scenario, and the introduction of a mail system.

Anno 1800 Empire of the Skies DLC Details

Players can use new construction materials such as aluminum and helium and create five new advanced airships that can be used for both civilian and military purposes. They also can benefit from the opportunity to transfer workforce with airships and allow their residents all around the world to stay in contact with each other through an innovative mail system.


Use New Airships For Conquest

Anno 1800 Empire of the Skies Gameplay

Finally, players can take advantage of military airships to attack enemy vehicles and harbors and use anti-aircraft defenses to protect their island from enemy attacks. Building and organizing the airships will also need the airships hangar which has multiple building phases and the landing platform which comes with three new modules to attach to.

New “Clash of Couriers” Scenario

The all-new scenario mission “Clash of Couriers” will have players establish an independent mail delivery service in the New World and tell them the story of Paloma Valente, the airships inventor. One of the challenges players must overcome in the scenario is that there will be no regular ships available, and they must use airships.

Anno 1800 Empire of the Skies Arrives With A Free Update

Accompanying the release of Empire of the Skies, Anno 1800 is publishing a free Game Update which offers players quality of life improvements such as updates when interacting with neutral traders and changes to the military system.

Where To Buy Anno 1800 Empire of the Skies DLC

Anno 1800 is available on the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. Empire of the Skies can be purchased as additional content, or as part of the Season 4 Pass.

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