Arknights Beyond Here Event Introduces 3 New Operators & New Stories

Arknights Beyond Here Cover

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights, is welcoming the new story series, “Beyond Here”. The brand new storylines show players different perspectives outside Rhodes Island, giving them a deeper understanding of other regions’ customs in Terra. The event brings in rewards, Outfits, themed Furniture Set and 3 Operators.

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Arknights Beyond Here Event

“Beyond Here” consists of 7 story series that feature what had happened in Lungmen and Iberia. Players can find out why Hoshiguma decided to join Rhodes Island and what Ch’en has done after the Roaring Flare Battle. 2 new faces, Archetto and Iris also show up in the plots, offering players a chance to learn their unique personalities. Additionally, the mysteries of Iberia await for players to discover.

During the limited-time event “Beyond Here”, players can obtain Wondrous Postcard from clearing all stages except for Annihilation and Extreme Mode to redeem rewards, including Silence’s new outfit Frosted Breath, LMD, Battle Record, Elite materials, etc. Players can also exchange for Information Fragments that can be used to unlock story series.

3 New Operators In Beyond Here Banner

Archetto Banner

In addition to the various rewards for players to claim, three new Operators are joining the game.

6-star Sniper Archetto, a newly arrived Operator prioritizes aerial units and targets one unit at a time with high attack speed. Her trait enables her to restore SP to all deployed Sniper allies. Archetto can also gain a shield after deployment and get back some SP after her shield breaks.

5-star Caster Iris possesses a unique trait compared to previous Casters. When there is no target, Iris will store up her attack and increase the damage dealt until she finds a target and fires all at once.

4-star Vanguard Beanstalk, a summoner-type Vanguard, is introduced for the very first time. Her talent enables her to designate on Tactical Point and call Reinforcements (Metal Crabs) on it.

New Arrivals at Store

Arknights Zen Garden

Three well-made outfits, “Modeling Night” for Gravel, “Casual” for Arene and “Soft Wool” for Bibeak are available at the store for the time being. A newly added furniture set, The Zen Garden, will be on sale as well.