Arknights Celebrates Year 2.5 With “Invitation To Wine” Event

Arknights Invitation To Wine Event Cover

The strategic mobile RPG Arknights celebrates its 2.5 anniversary with the new side story event “Invitation to Wine”. In the latest storyline, Lee was told to bring a cup to Shangshu city in Yan, and happens to randomly meet Kroos and Mr.Nothing. This update brings 4 new operators, log-in rewards, new series outfits, and a themed furniture set.

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Arknights Invitation to Wine Event Details

The “Invitation to Wine“ event runs from July 29th, 2022, 10:00 to August 12th, 2022, 3:59 (UTC-7). This episode follows the plot of the “Who Is Real” side story. Kroos goes to Shangshu city with Mr. Nothing. At the same time, Lee, who was entrusted by an old friend to deliver a cup, also goes there. After meeting in Shangshu city, what adventures will they encounter? The story happening in Yan territory has just begun.

Arknights 2.5 Anniversary Celebration & Event Rewards Arknights Invitation to Wine Event

During the event, Doctors can jump into the game to access a free 10-roll headhunting permit and 14 free daily login pulls. Additionally, after daily logins, Doctors can get two trials for Lungmen Lucky Strips to obtain Orundum as rewards. Players can sign in for 15 days to earn event-exclusive furniture pieces and Indigo’s new outfit “Serene Day”.

In addition, by clearing event stages and redeeming from the event shop, Doctors can obtain a set of rewards including 5-star operator “Kroos the Keen Glint’s Tokens”, “Shan-Ch’eng Teahouse” Furniture Pieces, Headhunting Permits, elite materials, etc.

Arknights Invitation to Wine New Operators

Ling & Lee Banner

Arknights Ling & Lee Banner

Arknights Ling and Lee Banner 1

  • Ling – 6★ Supporter
  • Lee – 6★ Supporter
  • Blacknight – 5★ Vanguard
  • Kroos the Keen Glint – 5★ Sniper

Ling – 6 Star Supporter

Arknights Ling

Ling can use Summons in battles. Summons’ effect changes based on her 3 different skills. When Ling carries the third skill, her Summons can be deployed on melee tiles. If there are other Summons within their Attack Range, 2 Summons can combine into a Higher form.

Lee –  6 Star Specialist

Arknights Lee

As a Merchant, Lee consumes 3 Deployment Points every 3 seconds while he is deployed. His third skill allows him to push away all enemies within the Attack Range every time he attacks.

Blacknight – 5 Star Vanguard

Arknights Blacknight


Blacknight can summon a Slumberfoot to assist in combat from a Tactical Point. By activating her second skill, all ground enemies around the Tactical Point are put to Sleep for a few seconds.

Kroos the Keen Glint – 5 Star Sniper

Arknights Kroos the Keen Glint

Kroos the Keen Glint is an event bonus operator. As a Fastshot, she attacks aerial enemies first. Her second skill can reduce her Attack Interval and make her attack hit 2 times in a row.

New Arrivals in the Store

Arknights 0011 Collection Arknights 0011 Collection 2 Icefield Messenger Collection

The new 0011 Collection for Mr. Nothing, FEater, and Dusk has arrived. At the same time, outfits from the same Collection for Aak, Hung, and Nian will be available again at the store. Furthermore, 3 re-edition outfits from the Icefield Messenger Collection are back in the store.

Shan-Ch'eng Teachouse

A brand new set of themed furniture, “Shan-Ch’eng Teahouse” will be available as well. Be sure to check them out!