Arknights Launches 7th Contingency Contract “Operation Pine Soot”

Arknights Operation Pine Soot Cover

Strategic mobile RPG, Arknights, continues the seventh season of the Contingency Contract event, “Operation Pine Soot”. The event features a series of customizable challenges and enemies with the “Mark of Hui and Ming”. This is a great time for Doctors to lay out effective and diverse strategies. Furthermore, this new season brings with it a brand-new outfit for Aak, and a previous outfit rerun.

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Arknights Operation Pine Soot Details

“Contingency Contract #7: Operation Pine Soot” runs from June 9th to June 23rd. Over the span of the event, Doctors will be able to collect Contract Bounties and Operation Agreements by clearing levels, completing challenges, and improving level evaluation. An extra bonus is that no sanity will be lost throughout Operation Pine Soot. Another benefit for players is that all Supply stages will stay active during these two weeks, allowing Doctors to gather whatever resources they need. Ultimately, Doctors will receive Operation Pine Soot Supplies based on the amount of Operation Agreement they earn.

Operation Pine Soot

“Operation Pine Soot” introduces an additional Permanent Site and Rotating Site. A special terrain, Mark of Hui and Ming, comes to the Permanent Site, which will switch the properties of enemies between Hui and Ming. Please choose the deployment position of the operators carefully Doctor! Furthermore, Free debuts as a boss enemy in Permanent Site and will be strengthened with the higher risk taken by Doctors. As for the Rotating Sites featured in the previous season, they will now be added to the daily stages as well.

Arknights Operation Pine Soot Banner

Arknights Operation Pine Soot Banner

6★ Operators

  • Phantom (Specialist)
  • Saga (Vanguard)
  • Schwarz (Sniper)
  • Surtr (Guard)

5★ Operators

  • Ayerscarpe (Guard)
  • April (Sniper)
  • Flint (Guard)
  • Meteorite (Sniper)
  • Beeswax (Caster)
  • Iris (Caster)

Features Great 6★ Operatives

The long-expected Headhunting is recreated in “Operation Pine Soot”. 6-star operators Phantom (Executor Specialist), Saga (Pioneer Vanguard), Schwarz (Heavyshooter Sniper), and Surtr (Arts Fighter Guard); 5-star operators Ayerscarpe (Lord Guard), April (Marksman Sniper), Flint (Fighter Guard), Meteorite (Artilleryman Sniper), Beeswax (Phalanx Caster), and Iris (Mystic Caster) arrive at the Joint Operation Headhunting.

Arknights Operation Pine Soot Event Rewards

Redeem An Aak Outfit For Free

Healing Hand Evil Heart Aak

Doctors can redeem the new outfit “Healing Hand, Evil Heart” for Aak through participating in the event and accumulating “Contract Bounty”. The trending outfit, “Legacy” for Siege will be rerun in “Secret Sanctuary” as well. Moreover, Operation Pine Soot Engraved Medal Set, commemorating the completion of Contingency Contracts during Operation Pine Soot, awaits Doctors for a limited time. Eventually, Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records, Chips, and other resources are redeemable in the store.