Arknights Launches “Break the Ice” Event, Features 3 New Operators

Arknights Break the Ice Event Cover

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights launches a new side story event “Break the Ice” to reveal the “Snow Realm Incident” and other conflicts that happened in Kjerag. Rewards, furniture sets, new outfits, and operators are also released in this update.

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Arknights Break The Ice Details

This event focuses on the geopolitical situation of Kjerag, the struggle between the Silverash family and the conservative Paleroches and Browntails, and the arrival of the Doctor under Enciodes’ invitation amidst the tensing atmosphere. The complication of these matters would eventually lead to what’ll come to be known as the “Snow Realm Incident” in Terra’s history that would change Kjerag forever.

Arknights Beanstalk Uncompleted

The new side story event starts on June 30th and ends on July 21st. During the event, players can obtain the Stone of Kjeragandr by clearing event stages to redeem items from “Turicum Trade Zone”, such as Kjera’s Token, Kjerag-Style Inn Furniture (Pieces), Headhunting Permit, LMD, Furniture Parts, Elite Materials, etc. The Login Event “Gift Uncompleted” is online as well. Players can log in for 10 days for Icefield Messenger Collection, Gift Uncompleted for Beanstalk, Yan-Style Dressing Table, Kuro’s Festival New Home, and many other materials.

Arknights Break The Ice – Gnosis Banner

Arknights Break the Ice Gnosis Banner

Gnosis, Aurora, and Kjera are the 3 new operators for this event. Players can enjoy a higher rate bonus to recruit Gnosis, Aurora, and Pramanix from the Headhunting “Edelweiss’ Vow”. Players can obtain Operator Kjera as a reward by completing the missions of “Kjerag Guidebook”.

Gnosis – ★6 Operator

Gnosis is a Hexer Support who specializes in debuff. His talents and skills allow him to chill or freeze targets, making him an excellent choice for stalling strategies. He is a solid supporter who can weaken the enemies and expose them to allies to wipe them all out.

Aurora – ★5 Operator

5-star Operator: Aurora is a Duelist Defender who could deal a great amount of damage while obtaining strong defense. Her skills could strengthen her damage output and defensive specializations by inflicting more damage and lasting longer during battles.

Kjera – ★5 Operator

5-star Operator: Kjera is a Mech-Accord Caster who is good at crowd control as well as putting down damage to the enemies. Her skills improve her overall DPS and allow her to use the drones more effectively. Her talent could buff the attack damage of Kjera and her drones.

New and Re-Edition Store Items

Arknights Icefield Messenger Arknights Cambrian Modeling Night Arknights Kjerag Style Inn

The event launches new outfits “Icefield Messenger Collection” for Operators including Carnelian, Leonhardt, and Kafka. Cambrian Series Re-Edition for Bibeak, Arene, and Gravel is back in store again. A brand-new set of themed Furniture, Kjerag-Style Inn is available during the event.