Arknights Opens Shatterpoint Event, Features New Horn Banner

Arknights Shatterpoint Cover

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights releases its main storyline, Episode 10, “Shatterpoint”, on October 19.  A battle breaks out in Londinium as numerous factions fight against each other for glory, peace, and their own faith. Additionally, the game brings 4 new operators, outfits, furniture, avatars, and other various rewards. Two new operators, Horn and Heidi, come with English dubs, while Chinese dubs are now available for some selected operators. Feel free to choose the style you prefer!!

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Arknights Shatterpoint Event Details

Following the last episode, players step further into Victoria, discovering more secrets of Victoria and the story behind familiar characters. Theresis, the previous monarch of Kazdel, entered Londinium to launch a war against all nations of Terra and to restore Kazdel’s former glory. The Rhodes Island team, led by the Doctor, Amiya, Closure, and Siege are coming to Londinium to secure the situation. A battle is about to erupt.

Get Heidi In Arknights Shatterpoint

Heidi, a new operator, is redeemable by clearing different level stages in “Shatterpoint”. Two new avatars, 2 new plaques, LMD, and other upgrade materials are also available as event rewards. Meanwhile, Doctors can get Emergency Sanity Sampler and Rhodes Island Supplies by clearing designated stages for more materials collection.

Arknights Horn Banner

Arknights Horn Banner All Operators

There are 4 new Operators; Horn, Rockrock, Heidi, and Chestnut. There is also an English dub for Horn and Heidi that’s now available. Doctors can directly experience the charm of different characters brought to life by the English voice actors.

Horn – 6★ Defender

Arknights Horn

Horn is a Fortress Defender who specializes in Damage Per Second and Defense. Horn’s skill can buff her attack and reveal invisible enemies, which makes her have a fantastic performance when fighting in some special stages.

Heidi – 5★ Supporter

Arknights Heidi

Heidi is a new Bard Supporter, whose skills allow her to augment allies in various ways. The first skill inspires the attack of friendlies while another skill Inspires their maximum HP and DEF, allowing players to choose the best one for each stage.

Rockrock – 5★ Caster

Arknights Rockrock

Another new 5-star operator Rockrock is a Mech-Accord Caster who controls a Drone that loiters around her and attacks enemies. Her skill is an advanced attack speed buff. In her second skill, overdrive can buff the Drone’s attack, but it will be stunned for the overdrive duration.

Chestnut – 5★ Medic

Arknights Chestnut

Chestnut is a Wandering Medic. Chestnut’s first skill will immediately heal a friendly unit, and the second skill strengthens his ability, especially when continuously healing one ally.

Arknights Shatterpoint New and Rerun Outfit

Arknights New Outfits

Rerun Outfit

There are some new arrivals in the store. Doctors can purchase the new series of outfits, including “Raythean Striker” for Siege, Indra, and Scavenger. Also, the rerun outfit “Bloodline of Combat” is available now, don’t miss this chance!

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