Arknights Operation Lead Seal Introduces New Operator & New Challenges

Arknight Operation Lead Seal Cover Banner

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights, is launching the fourth season of the Contingency Contract event: ‘Operation Lead Seal’.  With new stages and enemies introduced, this is a great time for Doctors to evaluate their Operators’ training and strategy implementation. The new season comes with a free Operator, Earthborn Metals headhunting rerun, unique-style outfits and various elite materials.

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Arknights Operation Lead Seal Event Summary

The Operation Lead Seal Season will run from July 13 to July 27. Season #4  consists of 8 sites in total with two sites newly added, allowing Doctors to deploy their operator flexibly as the site changes.

With no sanity cost during this event, Doctors can challenge different levels of contracts unlimitedly and collect “Operation Agreement” and “Contract Bounty”. In exchange for ‘Contract Bounty’, Doctors can exchange for multiple rewards including Elite Materials, LMD, Furniture parts, Battle Records, Chips, etc. What’s more, Matterhorn’s outfit, Beach Guard GT.001, will also be added to the Trade Center. Be sure to check it out!

New Operator – Tuye (Medic)

Tuye, a 5-star Medic operator, will be redeemable in the Trade Center after the Contingency Contract opens. Tuye’s talent allows her to boost her next healing ability for a certain period. When her first skill is activated, she will heal the targets and grant them a shield that absorbs damage. Her second skill allows her to increase her attack and heal allies that can effectively enhance the team’s combat resilience.

Earthborn Metals Headhunting Rerun In Arknights Operation Lead Seal

Nian Earthborn Metals Banner

The new event brings back the Exclusive Headhunting Earthborn Metals, giving Doctors a higher chance to obtain the popular 6-star operator Nian, Aak and 5-star Operator Hung. Those who regret missing the chance to obtain Nian may take a shot at it.

Traditional Chinese Outfits Make Their Return

Arknights Traditional Chinese Outfits

Three well-made outfits in traditional Chinese style including “Ageless Afterglow” for Ch’en, “Honor and Splendor” for Swire and “Spring Vouivre” for Liskarm will be available at the store temporarily. Time to add these outfits to your collection!