Arknights & R6 Siege Crossover Event “Originium Dust” Begins

Arknights Rainbow Six Siege Originium Dust Event

In cooperation with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, strategic mobile RPG Arknights launches a new crossover event Operation Originium Dust to bring players brand new gaming experience with new collaboration Operators, stages, outfits and furniture. In the event, players will witness the gripping adventure of Team Rainbow and their unexpected encounter with Operators from Rhodes Island at the Border Town of Sargon.

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Arknights Rainbow Six Siege Originium Dust Event Details

The narrative starts with Team Rainbow being on a mission and getting transported to the world of Terra by accident, and it occurs in a dusty desert with crisis and mysteries waiting for players to discover and solve. During this event, players will get acquainted with Team Rainbow and fight alongside them.

The new event stages are located in the desert of Sargon where endless sandstorms are sweeping through the area. Players can use Dirt Mound to block Sandstorms and protect the Operators from taking damage. By clearing the stages, players can get Rhodes Island Supply Ration Coupons to redeem 5-star crossover Operator Tachanka and other rewards, such as Elite materials, LMD, and Furniture pieces. Moreover, players shouldn’t miss the chance to claim 2 Expert Headhunting Permits which grant 20 free pulls in the limited banner.

Arknights Originium Dust R6 Siege Operators

Arknights Rainbow Six Siege Operators

Arknights is welcoming four eminent Operators from Rainbow Six Siege.

Ash (Sniper)

The first one is a 6-star Sniper, the team leader – Ash. Her main weapon is a customized M120 grenade launcher which is capable of clearing obstacles and inflicting significant damage on heavily-armored targets. Her traits and skills enable her to stun the enemies and deal some serious damage to them.

Tachanka (Guard)

Aforementioned 5-star Guard Tachanka is available to redeem in the event shop. As the main firepower for his team, Tachanka is an undisputed master of the battlefield. His first skill fires an incendiary grenade at the target, creating a burning zone in surrounding areas.

Blitz (Defender)

5-star Defender – Blitz holds a handgun and a modified G52-Tactical Light Shield, which can be operated when in close quarters to blind all targets, conferring a tactical advantage to his entire team. As a defender, Blitz has a relatively long attack range and the ability to deal high damage. When his second skill is activated, he could stun and deal damage to all blocked enemies.

Frost (Specialist)

The last 5-star Operator Frost serves as a Specialist. Frost mainly uses modified mechanical traps named “Welcome Mats”. Through the player’s strategic placement, the traps can obstruct the enemy and provide tactical support to the entire team. Empowered by her two skills, the mats could deal physical damage and either blind or stun the enemies.

What Is Multivariate Cooperation?

What Is Multivariate Cooperation?

Arknights is further introducing a new multiplayer cooperative game mode – Multivariate Cooperation for players to have fun when playing with friends. Players can find cooperation partners through matchmaking, invitation, or spontaneous application for a test project. In two different maps, upper and lower level, players will work together to fight all the enemies. By completing event missions and obtaining Rhodes Island Supply Ration Coupons, players can use them to exchange for rewards.

Arknights Originium Dust New Skins & Outfits

Striker Raythean Skins

To send a warm greeting to Team Rainbow, Operator Schwarz and Liskarm have put on new outfits from the Raythean Striker Collection. In addition, Ash and Tachanka have also clothed themselves in special collaboration attire. All the outfits will be available at the Store for a limited time during the event, along with a new themed furniture set, Special Equipment Exhibition Room.