ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 Review: Update Done Right

ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Review Cover
ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Review Cover

It’s been quite some time since I’ve used my reliable ASUS TUF Gaming M3. That gaming mouse has been my daily driver since the pandemic started here in the Philippines. With my time with the TUF Gaming M3, I still heartily recommend it to those looking for an affordable but impressive gaming mouse. Years after its release, that same gaming mouse has recently gotten an upgrade in the ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2. In this review, let’s see if the version 2.0 of the TUF M3 is way better than the OG one.

TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 Review – Specifications

ModelASUS TUF Gaming M3 Gen II
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 (TypeC to TypeA)
Max Speed200
Max Acceleration30g
USB Report rate1000 Hz
L/R Switch Type60 million
AURA SyncYes
OSWindows® 10
Windows® 11
SoftwareArmoury Crate
Dimensions123 x 68 x 40mm
Contents1 x TUF GAMING M3 Gen II Mouse
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warranty Card

TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 Review – At A Glance

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TUF Logo


Left view

Right View

Rubber Cable

ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 Review hungrygeeks PH 14

Sleeker With Better Colors

The previous TUF Gaming M3 ran with a metallic silver as its finish. This time, the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 dons on the colors typical to the ROG line of gaming mice which is black. In a way, this makes it easier for it to be partnered with most laptop or desktop color schemes

ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 Review – User Experience

Made Lighter

Probably the most significant change is that the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 is lighter than its predecessor. It is 30% lighter than the previous model, making it a good and handy buddy if you are going around. It may not sound much but if you are going to carry around a lot of stuff in your laptop bag, its best to be mindful of the little stuff.

Minus One Button

Another change is the absence of a programmable button. Instead of two buttons located behind the mouse wheel, the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 only has one. If you are used to the previous model’s two buttons, you may need to adjust a bit with this one.

Has More RGB

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If you find the previous model bereft of any aesthetic sense, then this one has more in terms of RGB. Instead of just the single TUF logo being lit, the RGB also surrounds and highlights a good part of the gaming mouse’s behind. Unfortunately, this RGB lighting is going to be covered by the user’s hand.

The RGB is programmable via ASUS’ proprietary app, Armoury Crate.

TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 Review – Verdict

Good Daily Driver

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Same as the old one, the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 comes as a welcome upgrade to a tried and tested product. It’s lighter, has what you need, and is not over-engineered. It’s made for simple gaming and it can double as your work mouse provided that you can excuse the RGB.

Surprisingly, the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 has the bells and whistles that you expect from a more expensive gaming mouse. Buttons overall have a good feel and are responsive and the locations of the buttons themselves are easy to reach. Although it can be said that ASUS did not change that much in terms of design, it is for the better in my opinion.

Beats Some More Expensive Gaming Mice

Another thing I did like about the first Gaming M3 is the price tag. The same can be said with the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2. Although more expensive than the previous one, it can still be counted as a decently priced gaming mouse with the backing of an established brand.

Consider It For Your Gaming Laptop

Although the competition is pretty fierce when it comes to gaming mice these days, the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 still finds a unique spot given that you get a good deal out of its price. Overall, like the previous version, I can highly recommend the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 for users wanting a reliable daily driver or for those looking for a light good gaming mouse to partner with their laptops.

ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 Price & Availability

The TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2 is currently available in the Philippines. It can be ordered online or in physical stores. As of the writing of this review, it currently has an SRP of PhP 1,190.

For more info about the TUF Gaming M3 Gen 2, check out its official product page here.