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ASUS TUF H3 Wireless Review: The Best Affordable Wireless Headset?


Going wireless for gaming has always been one hot topic. For one, you get players saying that by being wireless, the headset is prone to more errors or malfunctions. On the other hand, you have players that vouch for the tetherless benefits of such device. To anwer those nagging questions, we can look at the ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Wireless headset we have now for review. Is it something you should consider when looking for a wireless headset? Let’s find out!

ASUS TUF H3 Wireless Review – Specifications

Product Type
Wireless headset
Usage Scenario Gaming
Interface Wireless
2.4Ghz, USB 2.0, USB Type-C
Support Platform
PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch
Driver Material
Neodymium magnet
Driver Size 50mm
Headphones Impedance 32 Ohm
Headphones Frequency Response
20 ~ 20000 Hz
Microphone Pick-up Pattern
Microphone Sensitivity
-40 dB ± 3 dB
Microphone Frequency Response
50 ~ 10000 Hz
AI Noise Cancelling Microphone No
Active Noise Cancellation No
Battery 15 hours
Foldablility No
Weight 307 g
Extra ear-cushion No
Gun metal
  • USB Type-C 2.4GHz Wireless USB Dongle
  • Charging cable
  • USB Type-C to USB 2.0 adapter
  • Quick start guide

TUF H3 Wireless Review – At A Glance


Controls & Buttons

ASUS TUF Wireless H3 Buttons

The Wireless H3 has a couple of buttons and controls lining up the side of the left earcup. Here, you can find a button to mute the mic, a switch for the volume which you can also push to mute the output device, and lastly, a power/tether button.

Don’t Fold It

TUF H3 Wireless Review headband
Although not foldable, the headband can fit square heads

Despite being wireless, the TUF H3 is not designed for mobility. The earcups are not foldable making the whole thing incredibly bulky and hard to transport. Even if you get a dedicated pouch for it, the H3 Wireless can be quite a burden if you carry it with you inside a bag. While it can be somewhat flexible, the rigid structure is undeniably prone to breaking if improperly placed inside a bag.

Prone To Scratches

TUF H3 Wireless Scratches

Another thing to watch out for is that the H3 Wireless’ plastic material is quite easy to scratch. Having it inside a bag with sharp-edged objects, like a laptop charger, can damage it with a light scratch to its body. Also, be mindful of not tossing it or dropping it!

ASUS H3 Wireless Review – User Experience

Sound Quality – Decent

For my gamer ears, the ASUS H3 Wireless proved to be enough for the daily grind. I played games that have positional/directional audio and it was able to reproduce them without any hitches. Same as with music and movie watching. Quality is definitely akin to what you’ll hear with decent USB headsets.

Battery Life – About 12 Hours

Testing the ASUS H3 Wireless gave me about more or less 12 hours for one full charge. You can also use it while it is being charged. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can use a smarphone USB C charger to charge it. Charge times may vary and using it with chargers can have risks!

Comfortable & Light

Although comfort is subjective, I can say that the TUF H3 Wireless is comfortable headset. I don’t have any complaints about its weight and its muff’s material did not irritate my ears. The spacing is also noteworthy as the band doesn’t put much weight on the top of the head. The headset can be a snug fit if you adjust the band according to your head size.

Cushions Are Removable & Replaceable

ASUS TUF H3 Review Cushions

The ear cushions are also replaceable though you might have to look for third-party ones to replace the H3 Wireless’ if it breaks down.

Look Ma, No Hands!

The main selling point of this gaming headset is its wireless capability. Just plug in the USB-C dongle to a computer, gaming console, or a compatible smart phone, and you are good to go.

Wait, if you’re playing on a desktop PC, why need wireless? Well, good friend, wireless headsets have a lot of use, you know? For example, I can play Table Top Simulator with my friends and if it’s not my turn, I can go to my microwave to heat food. Or do other tasks while listening to the banter or music. You can even go to the toilet with this (just remember to mute!)

9~12 Meter Range

Oh and the range? As an example, my desktop is on the 2nd floor of my home and I can conveniently go downstairs to prepare a snack or or get a drink without getting disconnected. Note that the flooring between the 1st and 2nd floor is of wooden material. With that said, we can say that the average wireless range of the H3 Wireless can be 9~12 meters. Note that this might be different for you depending on your USB dongle’s placement, wireless signals, and environment. Note that if you get disconnected, the headset will try to reconnect the moment you get within range.

Any Downsides With The Device?

ASUS TUF H3 Wireless
If moving the headset to another place, attach the USB dongle so you won’t lose it

For downsides, I can think of two. First, this arrangement prevents you from pairing it to a 3.5mm sound card as the connection should either be USB-C or USB-A.  The second one is that the USB dongle is an added thing to be concerned about. You cannot lose it. Losing it renders the whole thing useless as the USB port of the ASUS Wireless H3 is only for charging or updating the firmware. To prevent this, you can attach the dongle to the headset when you remove it to for safekeeping.

TUF H3 Wireless Review – Verdict & Conclusion

Wireless Without Breaking The Bank

ASUS TUF H3 Wireless Review Cover

The ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Wireless is a remarkable gaming headset if you want a wireless system. It’s not too expensive that it breaks the bank and it’s easy to use and setup. Another thing is that it uses 2.4Ghz to communicate between the device and the headset instead of Bluetooth. This gives it more range without losing and sacrificing quality. Although as a consequence, you have another part, which is the USB dongle, that you should worry about.

Probably the main selling point is the convenience provided by the wireless design. As I said above, I had fun using it as I can virtually do other tasks without getting disconnected to my PC’s audio. Wth the H3 Wireless, I can eat lunch or move around without having to fiddle with wires or keeping my phone beside me. Restriction is out of the window with this one.

TUF Wireless H3 Gaming Headset Award

With all points stated above, I can confidently say that the TUF H3 Wireless is one of ASUS’ shining products in recent times. It’s functional, has a decent range, and has a good price. Highly recommended for those looking for wireless headsets.

TUF H3 Wireless Review – Price & Where To Buy In The Philippines

The ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Wireless Headset is available in the Philippines with an SRP of PhP 4,190. For the wired version, you can buy it for a cheaper PhP 2,100. Like all TUF gaming peripherals, the TUF Gaming H3 Wireless Headset has a 1-year warranty.

The TUF H3 Wireless is part of incredibly affordable but functional options from ASUS. You can read our reviews for the other members of the pack:

You can learn more about the TUF Gaming H3 Wireless Headset here.




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Like all TUF peripherals, the TUF H3 Wireless Headset gets top scores due to its no-frills functionality and build. It also comes at an affordable price!ASUS TUF H3 Wireless Review: The Best Affordable Wireless Headset?