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Award-Winning ZenWiFi Mesh WiFi Systems Provide Worry-Free Home Networking — & More!


With the holidays approaching, right now is the perfect time to upgrade your home network. When your friends and family are visiting, you want them to have an easy, hassle-free connection, no matter what room they’re in. And when you or your loved ones are checking out your new presents — be they smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, consoles, tablets, smart home devices — you want your network to provide a seamless experience. It’s time to stop putting up with dead zones, dropped connections, and poor bandwidth. This holiday season, upgrade your home network with a ZenWiFi mesh WiFi system.

We offer a wide range of ZenWiFi systems tailored for any user. Whether you’re a PC enthusiast with a need for high-end hardware, a homeowner who’s tired of the poor signal you get in the family room, or simply someone who’s never upgraded from the barebones router you rent from your internet service provider, we have a mesh WiFi system that will give you a much better experience. In this guide, we’ll introduce our latest options and help you find the best one for your home.

PC Magazine 2023 Readers’ Choice Award

Our mesh WiFi systems stand out from the pack with their rich feature set and long-term value, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our ZenWiFi mesh routers have won a coveted PC Magazine 2023 Readers’ Choice Award. This authoritative publication reported that “ASUS takes a clear lead in this category,” with the highest scores “for both overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.” PCMag added, “ASUS scores exceptionally high for mesh coverage, WiFi speed and network management.”

What Is ZenWiFi?

ZenWiFi Tackles the Challenges of Providing WiFi to any Home

ASUS Mesh WiFi Systems Home

Unlike traditional routers, which use one central unit to provide an internet connection to all your devices, a mesh WiFi system uses two or more nodes spaced strategically around your home to manage a single network. This makes it easy to eliminate internet dead zones. Some folks try to use repeaters or range extenders to solve this problem, but these typically come with a penalty to performance and convenience.

ASUS mesh WiFi systems also go above and beyond to give you long-term value for your investment with their generous warranties and included bundle of free features. These ZenWiFi systems enjoy robust AiProtection network security features, a commercial-grade suite that leverages powerful cybersecurity solutions and cloud data centers from Trend Micro to shield your smart home and all connected devices from cyber threats. You get free automatic security updates, malicious site blocking vulnerability protection, and built-in tools to detect and block infected devices — all without a subscription fee. And it’s all easy to set up and use with the ASUS Router app.

ASUS Router App

Parents will appreciate the robust, common-sense, hassle-free parental controls they get with a ZenWiFi system. These free parental controls takes the guesswork out of protecting your kids. In the ASUS Router app, you’ll find preset profiles based on age that will automatically apply filters for inappropriate content and set suggested daily screen time schedules for your kids’ devices. Through the included internet activity dashboard, you can easily keep tabs on your kids’ browsing behaviors.

Advanced security features and parental controls are just the start — you’ll get built-in VPN features, the Instant Guard mobile app for secure browsing on public WiFi networks, and more. Click here to learn more about the suite of features you get for free with an ASUS mesh WiFi system.

The Best Mesh WiFi Systems

ZenWiFi XT8

You don’t need our absolute best mesh WiFi system to get a great home networking experience. As a WiFi 6 mesh WiFi system, the ZenWiFi XT8 is a great choice for today’s connected homes. WiFi 6 introduced a host of features for managing a household full of internet connected devices, so this mesh WiFi system is fully prepared to offer a great signal to all your laptops, smartphones, smart home devices, and more.

If you need a backup plan for those moments when the internet connection provided by your ISP fails, the ZenWiFi XT8 has your back. It includes a USB port that you can configure for mobile tethering. After a quick setup process, all you’ll have to do for a backup internet connection is connect your smartphone to the ZenWiFi system with a USB cable so that your devices can get online using your 4G LTE / 5G mobile connection.

You can buy the ZenWiFi XT8 on the links below:

ZenWiFi XT8

Lazada – https://bit.ly/3szmS0R

Shopee – https://bit.ly/47Ig4wB

The Best Budget-Friendly Mesh WiFi Systems

  • ASUS ZenWiFi XD5
  • ASUS ZenWiFi XD4
  • ASUS ZenWiFi XD4s

Even if you’re working with a limited budget, you can still get high-quality home networking. We offer a variety of ZenWiFi systems ready to upgrade your network to WiFi 6 at a price that won’t break the bank.

Perhaps your bandwidth needs are more modest, but you need a home network with plenty of range. Consider the budget-friendly ASUS ZenWiFi XD5ASUS ZenWiFi XD4, or ASUS ZenWiFi XD4 Plus. These dual-band mesh WiFi systems offer high performance and extended range through their 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. The ZenWiFi XD4 and XD4 Plus offer up to 1,800Mbps of aggregate bandwidth, while the higher-end ZenWiFi XD5 offers up to 3,000Mbps of aggregate bandwidth.

The standout feature of these three mesh WiFi systems is their range. They’re a strikingly affordable way to get up to 4800 square feet of network coverage. And since we sell them in an affordable three-pack, they’re a great way to make sure you have excellent internet not only in your primary living spaces, but in an attached garage and backyard patio. (You can also pick up one node as a standalone purchase or in a two-pack, as well.) Whatever option you pick, the nodes come with mounting holes and a screw pack that make it easy to position the units right where they’re needed.


If you’re able to stretch your budget just a bit further, you’ll appreciate the long-term value that you’ll get out of the ZenWiFi XD6. This dual-band mesh WiFi system offers up to 5400Mbps of aggregate throughput, a substantial boost in bandwidth that will make a difference as you add more internet-connected devices to your home.

You can buy the ZenWiFi XD6/XD5/XD4s/XD4 on the links below:

ZenWiFi XD6

Lazada – https://bit.ly/3SR1pLo

Shopee – https://bit.ly/3sL1W76

ZenWiFi XD5

Lazada – https://bit.ly/3QQWW93

Shopee – https://bit.ly/3uw3Ybr

ZenWiFi XD4s

Lazada – https://ph.asus.click/XD4SLAZ

Shopee – https://ph.asus.click/XD4SSHP

The Best Mesh WiFi Systems

Best Mesh WiFi Systems

For larger homes, homes with multiple stories, or buildings with thick and dense walls, a traditional wireless router might not have what it takes to deliver a reliable, high-speed signal to every room. While wireless repeaters and extenders are an option, they’re often frustrating to use on a daily basis. For most people, a mesh WiFi system just makes more sense.

ZenWiFi mesh wireless systems make it easy to set up a home network that delivers the bandwidth you need to every floor and every room. They offer elegant style that coordinates easily with your home decor. And the free and easy-to-use ASUS Router app offers hassle-free setup and robust security options. If you’re struggling with internet dead zones in your home, upgrade your home network with a ZenWiFi mesh WiFi system to enjoy high-bandwidth, reliable wireless connectivity in every room of your house.

Comparing ASUS ZenWiFi Mesh WiFi System

ModelKey Features
ZenWiFi Pro XT12Tri-band WiFi 6, 11000 Mbps
Dual 2.5Gb ports
UNII-4 (5.9 GHz) mesh backhaul
Up to 6000 sq. Ft (2-pack)
Subscription-free security
Advanced parental controls
Wide VPN support
ZenWiFi XT8Tri-band WiFi 6, 6600 Mbps
UNII-4 (5.9 GHz) mesh backhaul
2.5Gb port
4G/5G mobile tethering
Up to 5500 sq. Ft. (2-pack)
Subscription-free security
Advanced parental controls
Wide VPN support
ZenWiFi XD6Dual-band WiFi 6, 5400 Mbps
Up to 5400 sq. Ft. (2-pack)
Subscription-free security
Advanced parental controls
Wide VPN support
ZenWiFi XD5Dual-band WiFi 6, 3000 Mbps
Up to 5000 sq. Ft. (3-pack)
Subscription-free security
Advanced parental controls
Wide VPN support
ZenWiFi XD4 PlusDual-band WiFi 6, 1800 Mbps
Up to 4800 sq. Ft. (3-pack)
Subscription-free security
Built-in parental controls
Wide VPN support

*Access to UNII-4 spectrum not available in every region.

The Best ASUS Projector

For Your Business or Home – Open Up New Possibilities for Work & Play

Best ASUS Projector

In many scenarios, a projector offers much more versatility than a traditional display. For a home theater, a classroom, a conference room, or a museum installation, a projector can deliver big-screen immersion and comfortable visibility of content for even a large room of people. If you’re looking for a display that travels, whether for work or play, a portable projector might be just the ticket. They’re small enough to pack up in a satchel, yet they’ll project a large, vivid image anywhere from the kids’ playroom to a business client’s office.

The best ASUS projectors give you the key features you need in any of these situations.  Our full lineup makes sure that there’s an option for every user, no matter whether you’re shopping for your kids, your home theater, your business, or your educational institution. In this guide, we’ll help connect you with the right projector for your needs.

The Best ASUS Projector For Portable Family Entertainment

ASUS ZenBeam Latte L1

In many homes, the competition for the family room TV can be intense—especially over the holidays when friends and family are visiting. With different folks clamoring to claim the big display for streaming their favorite shows, playing console games, or bingeing on YouTube videos, someone’s bound to be disappointed.

The best ASUS projector for portable family entertainment

Rather than sending everyone off to the isolation of their own phones, consider the ZenBeam Latte L1 projector instead. This portable projector makes it easy to set up a display in just about any room of your house. Its short-throw lens lets you project a 40” image from a distance of only 1 meter, making it a compelling choice even in smaller spaces. Give it a little more room, and it’ll give you big screen entertainment. From 3.2 meters away, it’ll project a 120” HD resolution image with 300 LED lumens output. Its built-in 10W Harman / Kardon speakers will draw in everyone nearby with clear audio, or you can use the integrated 3.5mm headphone jack when you’re watching something by yourself.

An HDMI port and support for wireless mirroring let you connect the ZenBeam Latte L1 to a wide range of devices—everything from smartphones to gaming consoles to PCs. Its USB Type-A port lets you recharge connected devices. With Bluetooth on tap, the ZenBeam Latte L1 also serves as a standalone speaker for listening to music or podcasts.

ASUS Zen Article 10

The ZenBeam Latte L1’s easy portability opens up even more options. This coffee-mug-shaped projector is lightweight and compact, and it comes with a convenient carrying pouch. The built-in battery provides up to 3 hours of nonstop entertainment in Eco mode. So schedule an outdoor movie watching party with family friends. Bring the kids’ favorite movie along on a camping trip. No matter where you go, you can take great entertainment along with you.

You can buy the ASUS ZenBeam Latte L1 here:

The Best ASUS Projector For Vertical Video

ASUS ZenBeam E2

ASUS ZenBeam E2
ASUS ZenBeam E2

It seems like everyone these days loads up TikTok for a dose of quick, fun entertainment. The platform’s iconic vertical videos are catching on with other services, too—odds are, you’re likely to encounter vertical content on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, as well.

Looking for a way to share a viral vertical video with nearby friends and family—without handing them your smartphone? Try the ZenBeam E2. This portable projector’s automatic portrait projection mode makes it ideal for viewing social media content. Connect it to your phone in wireless mirroring mode, and you can change the projector’s orientation while in use. You’ll enjoy up to 100” projections and rich audio through the integrated 5W speaker, all without fussing or tinkering with settings. The ZenBeam E2 automatically removes black sidebars as the projected image smoothly transitions from horizontal to vertical orientation.

ZenBeam Latte L1

Like the ZenBeam Latte L1, the ZenBeam E2 travels anywhere. This palm-size projector comes with a protective pouch so that it’s easy to pack up and take with you. Its integrated battery serves up to four hours of video playback (in Low mode usage) on a single charge. Between its wireless mirroring support and its HDMI port, you can connect it to a wide range of Android, Windows, and iOS devices. And its USB port allows you to recharge other devices.

You can buy the ASUS ZenBeam E2 here:

The Best ASUS Projector For Traveling Professionals

ASUS Zenbeam E2

Our portable projectors offer fantastic entertainment experiences, but they’re ready for business, too. If you routinely travel to make presentations to clients and coworkers, consider augmenting your setup with the ASUS ZenBeam E2.  This projector’s portable design, plentiful connectivity options, and bright output make it a natural choice.The ZenBeam E2 puts everything you need for on-the-go presentations into the palm of your hand. It’s a mere 410g, yet it’ll project an image up to 100”. The last thing you want to do when presenting to a client is fuss with projector settings to get a clean, readable image. The ZenBeam E2 handles the heavy lifting for you with automatic vertical keystone corrections that ensure perfect projections. Thanks to its substantial battery, you’ll get plenty of projecting time in between charges. It offers up to 4 hours of usage on a single charge in ECO mode.

ASUS Zen Article 14

Easy connectivity makes it a snap to set up the ZenBeam E2. The bundled USB WiFi dongle les you effortlessly stream content from Android, iOS, and Windows 10 or 11 devices, and the HDMI port will let you connect just about any other device you might own.




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