Azur Lane Angel of the Iris Event Is Now Live, Features 3 New Ships

Azure Lane Angel of the Iris

Naval Shoot ’Em up mobile game, Azur Lane, is launching the Joint Operation event, “Angel of the Iris”, starting from June 30th 2022 and ending on July 13th 2022. Three new shipgirls including 2 Super Rare characters from Vichya Dominion are featured in this update. Additionally, the “Angel of the Iris” event also brings new outfits, furniture sets and multiple rewards during the event.

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Azur Lane Angel of the Iris Event Details

Azur Lane Angel of the Iris


The “Angel of the Iris” event runs from June 30, 2022 to July 13, 2022. During this event, all the Commanders in the server need to work together to defeat Joffre. The event stage has 4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and EX. The Contribution Point gained by Commanders will increase along with the difficulties.

By clearing stages and collecting Contribution Points, Commanders can obtain abundant event rewards such as “Joffre Model”, Elite gear “Dewoitine D.790”, and Super Rare Design “Bréguet BR.810”. Also, when the boss is defeated, all Commanders from the server can acquire Super Rare gear “Angel’s Feather” as a reward.

In the meantime, the mini-event, “Forest of Fables” is also introduced in this update. The event missions will unlock every day until July 6th. By completing them all, Commanders can get the furniture piece「Sleeping Bear」.

Azur Lane Angel of the Iris 3 New Shipgirls

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  • SR – Joffre
  • SR – L’Indomptable
  • Elite – Enterprise

“Angel of the Iris” event invites 2 Super Rare characters and 1 Elite character. Joffre, featured as a Super Rare Aircraft Carrier from Vichya Dominion, can launch a special airstrike with fighter planes when she is above the Flagship on the battle screen. If she is below the Flagship, she can launch a special airstrike with torpedo bombers.

Another Super Rare shipgirl from Vichya Dominion, L’Indomptable, can perform a special attack every 5 seconds and increase her Firepower and Torpedo. When she takes damage that would sink her, she becomes unsinkable for 2.5 seconds and randomly gains one of four buffs.

Elite shipgirl Enterprise is also introduced as a member of the Royal Navy. These three new characters can be obtained through the event construction pool with a rate up.

Event Shop and Skins

Azur Lane Forest of the Fables

Azur Lane Fairy Tale Forest 5 new skins are brought up in this update, including “Ensorcelled Snow White” for Joffre, “Little Red Riding Hood’s Worries” for L’Indomptable, “The Gray Wolf’s Ploy” for Jintsuu, “Romeo or Juliet?” for Biloxi, and “The White Rabbit of Wonderland” (L2D) for Shimakaze.

Players can earn 2 rental outfit vouchers when they log in to Azur Lane during the event period. Each voucher can be used on the following skins: Shimakaze – “The White Rabbit of Wonderland” (L2D), Joffre – “Ensorcelled Snow White”, L’Indomptable – “Little Red Riding Hood’s Worries”. Furthermore, the new fairytale-themed furniture set “Fairy Tale Forest”, and Gear Skin Box are available for purchase in the Shop. Commanders, enjoy the fairy tale vibe with your shipgirls!