Azur Lane Celebrates Spring Festival 2023 With Winter Pathfinder Event, 4 New Ships Inbound

Azur Lane Winter Pathfinder Event Cover

Naval Shoot’ Em up mobile game, Azur Lane has just launched the Winter Pathfinder event to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival 2023. This event lasts until February 1st, in which Commanders will follow the new characters’ adventure and find out what the treasure will be. Four new characters, 16 new skins, and a new furniture set are introduced with other rewards.

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Azur Lane Winter Pathfinder Event Details

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By taking part in world BOSS battles in Winter Pathfinder, Commanders can accumulate event points to receive rewards including “Type-Wu Seaplane” and T3 Triple 152mm B-38 MK 5 Main Gun Mount Design. Additionally, Commanders can complete missions during the event to get Bonus Tikets, which can be used to enter high-yield challenges.

A multitude of mini-events are introduced in this update as well. After completing the event missions, Commanders can redeem Ting An, the new elite character, and an exclusive retrofit item for Yat Sen. Hai Tien, Hai Chi and An Shan can be obtained from the rerun mini-event alongside the skin for Fu Shun.

Azur Lane Winter Pathfinder – 4 New Characters

Out of the four new characters being added with this event, Kuybyshev and Theseus are super rare characters while Hwah Jah and Ting An are elite characters. The two super rare shipgirls are in the pool rate-up as well as Hwah Jah. Grab the limited construction chance!

Kuybyshev (Super Rare Light Cruiser)

Azur Lane Kuybyshev

Kuybyshev constantly fires a special barrage in the battlefield, and is capable of increasing Northern Parliament Vanguard Ships’ Crit Damage.

Theseus (Super Rare Light Aircraft Carrier)

Azur Lane Theseus

The longer Theseus spends on the battlefield, the more she is able to bring out her power. She can decrease the damage taken by the rest of the sortie when an enemy fleet is sunk.

Ting An (Elite Munition Ship)

Azur Lane Ting An

Ting An will be an indispensable member of the team. She will be able to provide a corresponding effect according to the ship type. Don’t forget to get her in the special mini-event for free!

Hwah Jah (Elite Light Aircraft Carrier)

Azur Lane Hwah Jah

The more Dragon Empery ships in the fleet, the stronger Hwah Jah will be. She can improve her hit rate, and also reduce the damage that other ships take.

Azur Lane Winter Pathfinder – New Shop Items & Skins

The event shop houses 16 new skins themed “Empery’s Fineries” including four L2D skins and new furniture set named “Gourmet Garden”. Commanders also stand a chance to receive two rental outfit vouchers which can be used on a couple of the new skins like Golden Dragon Among Auspicious Clouds (L2D) for Ägir, The Festive Undead (Dynamic) for Hwah Jah and Paragon of Celestial Grace for Yat Sen.

The previous 2 years’ Spring Festival skins and furniture are also returning to the shop. 18 skins and the furniture set “Dragon Empery Estate” of Spring Festival 2022 are available for a limited time while the skins from 2021 are becoming permanent along with the furniture set “Spring Jubilee”.

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