Azur Lane Launches “Dawn of a New Year” Event, Features 5 New Characters

Azur Lane Dawn of a New Year

Naval Shoot ’Em Up mobile game, Azur Lane launches the “Dawn of a New Year” event to welcome the approaching 2022 Spring Festival. The celebration is bringing in 5 new characters, a launch of 19 new skins, several mini-events and rewards that share the joy of the Spring Festival to all commanders.

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About “Dawn of a New Year” Events and Rewards

The new event opens on January 27th and will end on February 9th, 2022, with various mini-events brought in, granting commanders different ways to collect a great number of rewards.


Azur Lane Dawn of a New Year Event

By clearing the event missions and mini-games, commanders can redeem characters including Fu Shun, An Shan, Hai Tien and Hai Chi. In the Spring Festival Invitation event, commanders can invite 1 of the following popular characters to their fleet for free: Chang Chun, Tai Yuan, Taihou, Enterprise, Belfast, Ning Hai, and Ping Hai. Meanwhile, commanders can also win outfits for Ying Swei and U-73 as well as retrofit items for An Shan and Chang Chun by clearing the event.

5 New Characters

5 brand new characters including 2 super rare characters:

  • Bristol (Super Rare)
  • Charybdis (Super Rare)
  • Chen Hai (Elite)
  • Hai Tien (mini-event)
  • Hai Chi (mini-event)

Bristol and Charybdis and 3 elite characters: Chen Hai, Hai Tien and Hai Chi are joining in the Spring Festival feast. Bristol (Super Rare), Charybdis (Super Rare) and Chen Hai (Elite) enjoy the rate-up in the Light Construction Pool, while Hai Tien and Hai Chi can be obtained from a mini-event as a special reward for the holiday.

Azur Lane Dawn of a New Year Brings 19 New Skins

To add more spice to the Spring Festival event, most of the new skins are in Dragon Empery style, including “Dawn-Phoenix’s Summons (L2D)” for Akagi, “Red Chamber of Healing (L2D)” for Charybdis and other 17 skins. In addition, a bunch of Qi Pao-themed skins like “Cait Sith Crooner (L2D)” and “Pungent Plum (L2D)” are back in the outfit shop to celebrate the upcoming festival with commanders. Be sure to check them out!

On top of that, commanders will receive 2 rental outfit vouchers which can be used to try out 3 skins including “Tales from the Empery” for Bristol,  “Vestibule of Wonders” for Chen Hai and “The Keystone General” for Pennsylvania.

Azur Lane Dawn of a New Year Spring Festival Specials

Azur Lane Dawn of a New Year Event New Furniture

The Lunar New Year Lucky Bag 2022 has been all set. New Furniture Set “Dragon Empery Estate” and the Spring Festival Furniture Sets of the 2 previous years also go live, allowing commanders to decorate their dormitory in a unique festive vibe.