Azur Lane “Pledge of the Radiant Court” To Start On May 26, Brings 6 New Ships

Azur Lane Pledge of the Radiant Court

Mobile Naval Shoot’ Em Up, Azur Lane, is launching its third Royal Navy major event, “Pledge of the Radiant Court”. Warspite unites with the Royal Navy to find the whereabouts of Her Majesty the Queen under the lead of Vanguard. This event takes place between May 26th and June 15th, bringing 6 new shipgirls, various mini-events, newly themed skins, and furniture.

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Azur Lane Pledge of the Radiant Court Event Details


Under the “Pledge of the Radiant Court” event, various mini-events are launched which grant players more chances to obtain exclusive rewards. The brand new Elite shipgirl, Little Cheshire, can be obtained for free in “A Cookie For Mew! ” mini-event. By clearing up the event missions, players can earn Cookie Points. Giving these points to Little Cheshire, players can earn Trust from her. As the Trust increases, players will be able to obtain Little Cheshire.

Azur Lane Pledge of the Radiant Court

In “Manjuu Hide and Peep”, a new stage will unlock every day. After clearing all 7 stages, players will receive various rewards including limited furniture pieces and an Early Summer Invitation that allows them to obtain one of the following ships: Tirpitz, Graf Zeppelin, Washington, Hood, Yukikaze, Montpelier, Swiftsure, Le Malin. During the “The Many Lives of Maids” mini-event, players can also earn story keys by logging into the game to unlock side stories.

Azur Lane Vanguard Banner & 5 Other New Ships

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  • Vanguard – UR
  • Jervis – SR
  • Indomitable – SR
  • Revenge – Elite
  • Bellona – Elite
  • Little Cheshire – Elite

“The Pledge of the Radiant Court” invites 1 Ultra Rare character, Vanguard, featured as a battleship. There are also 2 Super Rare shipgirls, Jervis and Indomitable, being added to the fleet. On top of that, 3 new Elite shipgirls, Revenge, Bellona, and Little Cheshire, are also introduced as members of the Royal Navy. Moreover, a new retrofit for Unicorn will be available, optimizing her combat capabilities.

Vanguard, Indomitable, and Revenge will experience a rate-up in the Limited Construction Pool. As for Bellona, she is redeemable through accumulating Training Points.

Azur Lane Pledge of the Radiant Court Event Skins & Other Event Specials

The Many Lives of Maids

Up to 8 new maid-themed skins are now ready, including 3 Live2D skins for Vanguard, Prinz Eugen, and Ägir. During the event period, players can earn 2 rental vouchers when logging in. These vouchers can be used on the following skins:  “Half-Hearted Masquerade” for  Vanguard, “Fluttering in the Fair Breeze” for Jervis, and “Ms. Motivationless Maid” for Indomitable.


A new furniture set, “Empery Chic”, just arrived at the shop sporting a fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics. Also, a new gear skin box, “Empery Chic”, will be available for players.

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