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Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King S5 “Ceremony” Launches With 2 New SSR Characters


Black Clover M : Rise Of The Wizard King today launched Season 5 ‘Ceremony’, introducing two new SSR characters and their powerful skill pages. Players can also take on Season 5 ‘Gateway of Reunion’ missions and the time-limited event [Betelgigas Raid], which grants additional rewards to those who defeat Betelgigas.

Black Clover M : Rise Of The Wizard King “Ceremony” Details

Fans can now unlock Chapter 9 in-game, accompanied by a spellbinding trailer on official social media channels.

Charlote & Magna Banner

Players can now experience the excitement of Season 5 ‘Ceremony’, where SSR limited characters Charlotte and Magna make their grand entrance. Complete special missions to select a free Season 5 limited character from the ‘Gateway of Reunion’!

Charlotte (Supporter)

Black Clover M Season 5 Charlotte

<Ceremony> Charlotte is a strong support character who can grant SP to allies and extend the duration of barriers. Her Special Skill – ‘Blessing of Blue Rose’ summons unlimited thorn vines to the entire battlefield, instantly buffing all allies. In a team, Charlotte can also make an allied attacker execute a special skill more often.

Magna (Attacker)

Black Clover M Season 5 Magna

<Ceremony> Magna is a strong attacker who has the ability to deal continuous burning damage on enemies. Enemies with burn debuffs will only increase Magna’s DMG Dealt. Magna also has a special move that allows him to attack immediately after removing an enemy’s barrier. With the added advantage of gaining an extra turn when an enemy is defeated, Magna sets the battlefield ablaze!

Time-Limited Event [Betelgigas Raid]

Black Clover M Season 5 Betelgigas Raid

From 7 to 13 March, players can challenge themselves in defeating monster Betelgigas to earn Raid Coins. These Raid Coins can be used to trade for a variety of rewards, including the SSR Versatile Mage Piece, skill upgrade materials, and more!

Additionally, all official Black Clover M channels have unveiled the Chapter 9 Trailer [LINK]. Fans and players can also unlock the chapter story in-game for an immersive and thrilling experience!

Black Clover M is available globally on the App Store and Google Play. Stay tuned to the official Black Clover M channels for all the latest developments and events:

About Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King

Black Clover M : Rise Of The Wizard King is a collection RPG mobile title based on the popular anime series “Black Clover,” which is broadcast by TV Tokyo. Published by Japanese publisher Shueisha, ‘Black Clover’ was initially serialized in the Japanese manga magazine ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ from February 2015, selling over 19 million copies worldwide, and is now continued in ‘Jump GIGA’ as of December 2023.




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