Bratpack Offers Herschel Bags On Sale At 70% Off

herschel cover
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Looking for a shiny new bag for work (or for groceries)? Now is a good time as Bratpack is having a sale, offering up to 70% discount for Herschel bags until July 16. Discounts cover not only bags but also wallets, shirts, and luggage bags.

Bratpack’s Herschel Bags On Sale

I was able to get their quite popular “Pop Quiz” backpack for about PhP 1,347. The bag was originally priced at PhP 4,490. You can also check out the classic Little America (originally around PhP 6,000, now at PhP 2,000) and more modern releases. Most of their bags are on heavy discount. However, you may have to ask the salespersons in the Bratpack shop about the specific item that you want as not all are offered at 70% discount.

Herschel Pop Quiz bought during the Bratpack Sale
Herschel Pop Quiz bought during the Bratpack Sale

If you do feel like you need a new bag either for work or grocery, then best check out this sale. Yep, Herschel bags are a wee bit pricey but it does come with proven durability and style. I can personally attest the quality as the Herschel Little America I bought 6 years ago is still currently in use by my family.


You can check the numerous Bratpack branches for their offerings of Herschel items through their Facbook page here. For questions about Herschel’s local warranty, you can check them out here.