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Charge your Samsung the best way with these new Anker 313 and 312 Charger Blocks


Yes your Samsung Galaxy S23 Series and even A series smartphone starting 2023 doesn’t have an included charger anymore. While you may have some charging blocks lying around, chances are that they aren’t the best for your Samsung smartphone or even bulky for your tech bag since the outlet connector is exposed and might damage your other devices.

Anker 312 313 Charger Block

These new Anker 313 and 312 charging blocks are the perfect companion for your beloved Samsung device with fast charging of up to 45W for the 313 and 25W for the 312. This means that you can full charge your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in just an hour given more or less.

The Anker 312 Charger Block is ideal for lower end smartphones like the base S23 variant that only supports 25W Fast Charging or the Galaxy A series smartphones as well.

Given that these are from Anker, it’s a very reliable brand for your smartphone with their technology in GaN Charging, which delivers Power Delivery charging you need for your Samsung device without the unnecessary heat.

Anker claims that these are 30% smaller compared to the traditional 45W charging blocks, managing a smaller footprint while dissipating head is a big feat indeed especially that we don’t want a hot block to be put inside our bag after charging. Plus the connectors are retractable so it can easily be stored into your bag without scratching other devices.

Anker 312 313 Charger Block 2
Anker 312 313 Charger Block 

The Anker 313 is priced at Php995 while the Anker 312 is priced at Php655, the prices are not bat at all considering the brand and for a fast charging block that not can it charge your Samsung smartphone but also other PD (Power Delivery) compatible devices as well.

You can purchase these at Anker stores nationwide, or at their Lazada or Shopee Store.




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