COD MW 2 2022 – Will There Be A Battle Pass?

COD MW 2 Battle Pass

COD MW 2 has just been revealed and the trailer looks incredible. Aside from the release date and the open beta announcement, a question that may linger is: will it have a battle pass? Read this to know more about the game’s battle pass, warzone contents, and more.

COD MW 2 Battle Pass Details

Battle Pass Is Confirmed

COD MW 2 battle Pass

Although not explicitly revealed, the existence of a battle pass is alluded to by the game’s pre-order page. You can spot at the lowest row the “Battle Pass +50 Tier Skips”. This means that the game will feature a Battle Pass after a month or two of its release this October 28.


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Will It Connect To Warzone?

It is implied that the contents in the Battle Pass will also be available to Warzone as the game itself will introduce a monumental change to Activision Blizzard’s open-world battle royale. Like the release of previous titles, new changes may be seen. With changes like new maps, modes, and events, we can expect to see more in Warzone once COD MW 2 gets released.

COD MW 2 Battle Pass Content

As of the writing of this article, no news or information has been released about COD MW 2’s Battle Pass. Stay tuned for updates once the game gets released.

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