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Customize Your Bilibili Profile With New Rent-A-Girlfriend Virtual Assets


Want to express your love for anime? Bilibili, Southeast Asia’s leading animation video platform with an ever-expanding content library, enables anime-lovers to express themselves through virtual assets.  These assets can be used to customize user’s profiles, the latest of which is in collaboration with global hit anime series Rent-A-Girlfriend.

Bilibili Rent-A-Girlfriend Virtual Assets

Bilibili’s Stickers and app Themes allow users a deeper sense of self-expression

Filipino fans will be able to showcase how much they love the series by adorning their avatars with Rent-A-Girlfriend avatar frames, decorating their “Me” page with Rent-a-Girlfriend background covers, and even share their support for their favorite characters with others via stickers in the comments! Previous launches of Bilibili’s Virtual Assets include collaborations with major anime titles such as Aharen-san wa hakarenai.

Express Yourself Through This Virtual Assets

Show off your love for your favourite IPs with Bililibili’s Avatar Frames and Background Covers

Customization and self-expression are paramount to user experience when browsing and using mobile apps, especially amongst younger generations. Bilibili’s Virtual Assets give users a more personalized experience, while enabling them to express themselves better while using the app. Having collaborated with renowned anime titles, Bilibili’s Virtual Assets will grant users the ability to showcase their love for their favourite anime titles and better connect with their fellow anime fans.

Currently, these Virtual Assets come in the form of four main features – stickers, avatar frames, background covers and app themes, enabling users to decorate their profile page, their avatars, as well as expressing their emotions and opinions using stickers.

Bilibili is also currently developing other exciting forms of Virtual Assets for users to enjoy in the future.

Bilibili x Rent-A-GirlfriendBilibili’s x Rent-A-Girlfriend Virtual Assets

Bilibili’s x Rent-A-Girlfriend Virtual Assets will only be redeemable for free until 28th September, accompanied by an in-app campaign. Users can perform various tasks to earn up to a total of 39 free lucky draw chances where they can win Rent-a-Girlfriend Virtual Assets. Virtual Assets redeemed via free lucky draws will only be available for use for 30 days.

Users can also purchase lucky draw chances with a form of virtual currency called Stars on the Bilibili app if they have depleted their lucky draw chances. Lucky draw chances purchased using Stars will grant users at least one Virtual Asset, while providing them a chance to keep their Virtual Assets permanently. Rent-A-Girlfriend Virtual Assets will also be available for purchase in the “Store” page after the campaign.

Join in on the fun and stand a chance to win exciting Rent-a-Girlfriend Virtual Assets up until September 28 in the Bilibili app. For more information on the campaign, check out the Rent-a-Girl-Friend campaign page. To know more about Bilibili, visit bilibili.tv or simply download Bilibili from Google Play and the App Store!




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