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Dark Angels Box Set – Contents & Release Date (Updated)


After the return of the Lion, it is just right to have the crowd-favorite Dark Angels to make a grand return. And that’s what we just got. GW have just announced the new Dark Angels box set in the “Deathwing Assault” army box. What does this set contain? When is its release date? How much would it cost? Let’s find out in this article!

01/21/2023 – Price and availability has been updated!

Dark Angels Box Set Contents

Terminators Galore!

Terminators, terminators, and more terminators. That’s what you will get once you get your hands on this Dark Angels army box set. The Deathwing Assault box is set to contain the following models:

Deathwing Assault Box Contents

  • 1 x Belial, Master of the Deathwing
  • 5 x Deathwing Terminators
  • 10 x Terminators
  • 2 x Teleport Homer
  • 2 x Dark Angels Upgrade Sprues

In addition to the models above, the box also includes dataslate cards and the Dark Angels codex supplement with an exclusive cover.

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Dark Angels Box Set Pricing

US$220 For the Box

Almost right on the mark, the price of the box set is US$220 / £135 / PhP 10,799.  Given the conversion rates, it’s cheaper to buy it here in the Philippines than from the US/Global. However, as always, the UK pricing is PhP 1,200 cheaper if converted to Philippine Peso.

Army box sets can be pretty expensive upfront but the contents of the box themselves are heavily discounted. If you collect Dark Angels, getting the Deathwing Assault box is a must as it features newer sculpts and also comes with enough materials to kickstart your Dark Angels army. On the other hand, if you are thinking of starting a new Dark Angels army, now is a great time.

Dark Angels Box Set Release Date

Finally, the date of the official release has been announced. The boxes will ship on the 3rd of February 2024. If you have pre-ordered it via the official shop or your local hobby store, expect it to arrive within a week or so.

For the official release on the Deathwing Assault box, you can read the Warhammer Community article here. Dark Angels also made their appearance in the mobile game, Tacticus. Read our review about it here.




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