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Darktide Curio Can’t Equip Bug – How To Fix


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In WH40K Darktide, players are currently encountering a bug that prevents them from equipping a Curio. Get to know how to fix this problem, workarounds, and more using this guide.

Darktide Curio Bug – How To Fix

Get A Second Curio To Fix The Bug

Darktide Curio Bug Fix

In the present state of the game, in order to equip your first Curio, you must first buy or get a second one. Once a second option is available in the menu, you are then allowed to equip either or both of the Curios.

Bug Fix May Be Coming In The Future

As the game is currently in its beta stages, we can expect a permanent fix in the future for this bug. For now, the above workaround is proven to work.

Darktide Curio – What Are They?

Unlocks At Level 8

Darktide Curio Unlock

Curios are first encountered once you reach Level 8. The ability to equip them is only unlocked once you reach Level 8 and you can get them from the Armoury Exchange. Best prepare a couple of cash once you reach Level 8 so you can get a Curio to enhance your character’s stats.

How To Unlock Curio Slots

Slots to equip Curio are unlocked as you progress your level.

  • Slot 1 – Level 8
  • Slot 2 – Level 16
  • Slot 3 – Level 24

Provides Passive Bonuses

Darktide Curio Passive Stats

Curios are passive items that you can equip to provide you with passive bonuses. They can increase much needed stats and are highly sought after especially during the latter stages of Darktide. Make sure to collect as much as you can and upgrade to the best ones if possible.

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