DBZ Kakarot Arriving On The Switch On 9/22

DBZ Kakarot Switch

The most expansive and accurate retelling of the epic of Goku – DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT – is coming on Nintendo Switch. Play the game everywhere, meeting beloved friends, battling powerful enemies and reliving one of the most iconic story from the arrival of Raditz to the final fight against Buu!

DBZ Kakarot Switch Trailer

Up to 5 luxurious Early Purchase Bonuses such as early access to training menu against the former member of the Ginyu Force, a character designed by the author Akira Toriyama will undoubtedly evoke excitement among players.

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What Is DBZ Kakarot?

DBZ Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku and his family and friends as they battle against iconic villains and enemies. The game is also an open-world RPG / fighting game, with characters being able to level up abilities, collect points, do side quests, and fly around to discover hidden secrets. A must-have game if you are a big fan of Dragon Ball!

The game has been released for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 lat January 2020.

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