DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 5
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 5

Tablets now are more becoming affordable and in-demand cause of our personal consumption is increasing. Meaning our demand to consume content or play games in a device that is separated from our work is something we are looking at, especially for students and working professionals.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 5
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review

DOOGEE Philippines recently launched the T30 Pro their best offering tablet for this year having a large storage of 256GB storage, 2.5K Display resolution, Quad High-Res speakers and a portable 11-inch footprint powered by a decent Helio G99 Processor.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Specifications

  • 11.” 2.5K IPS (1600×2560) Display with TÜV Rheinland Certified Eyesafe
  • Mediatek Helio G99 Processor
  • Total 15GB RAM (8GB+7GB Extended) LPDDR4X
  • 256GB Storage + 2TB Expansion via MicroSD (UFS 2.2)
  • 16MP Samsung Rear Camera
  • 8MP Front Camera
  • 8580mAh Battery
  • Quad-Speakers with Hi-Res Support
  • Widevine L1 Support
  • 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n + Bluetooth 5.2
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Optional Detachable Keyboard and Stylus
  • Android 13.0
  • Inclusion : Carrying case and free mouse & keyboard package

Design and Display

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 6
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

The back of the tablet has a 30:70 ratio of where there is a plastic panel for the radio frequency to show like WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth and a metal body below which is similar to metal laptops or even the regular iPad.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 1
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review

Laser printing of the brand and Hi-Res Audio is seen at the back which is simple. We think this is a good approach given the tablet’s thin profile including the front bezels. Overall footprint is much smaller compared to other 10 inch android tablets in the market.

A jelly case with origami stand included is nice, but a bit chunky already for the tablet. So we prefer not using it as we like the thinner bezels and the high portability cause of it’s thinness.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 3
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

One concern we can see as early as now is the display is not air tight compared to smartphones, this is probably to lower the cost down as this is an expensive processes. But the 2.5k IPS display in exchange is clear but needs more brightness to combat reflections. You will always tend to crank up the brightness in this way to satisfy your quality for the display.


2.5K IPS Display + Quad Hi-Res Speakers = Entertainment which the T30 Pro’s offering. Watching the recently concluded miss universe using the tablet via YouTube is worthwhile especially when sharing with others

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 7
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 10
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

Left and right dual speakers are even on the device, but it will be covered once you hold it especially on a landscape mode.

Even watching the dissapointing Linlang season finale is still worth the watch using the T30 Pro while on the go. The speakers are loud and has that warmth that you look for versus normal laptops, including the volume. It’s just that you are in the mercy of the Android platform of dependent on the internet signal to load higher resolutions.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Linlang
DOOGEE T30 Pro Linlang


The Helio G99 processor of the T30 Pro is proven decent to process most tasks like watching entertainment or casual gaming. This is the same processor seen in the devices like the Infinix Note 30, Tecno Camon 20 4G and even the realme 11.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 13
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review

One major difference of the T30 Pro versus it’s smartphone is the display being 2.5K resolution. This is one area where the display can bump up the display resolution, but stagger the processor down in GPU processing. So expect some hiccups if you play games in its high resolution settings like in Mobile Legends.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 8
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

This one is in Super refresh rate and high resolution where performance is above average with good colors, a bit of hiccups in loading or animations but nothing degrading that would annoy any casual gamer. Mix that with the powerful quad hi-res speakers, its an immersive experience

Heat is inevitable in a tablet like this, but we like the placement of the processor at the center of the back panel where it’s out of reach of your hands so you won’t notice it too much. At 38.6 degrees on the hotspot, the temperature management is still below most 40 degrees.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 12
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

Having a 600Mbps connection at home, we just got around 200Mbps with the T30 Pro. While nothing to be shy about, its just a bummer that it can still be faster, but hey…200Mbps is still better than 10 right?

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 4
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

Battery and charging

No fancy fast charging here but the 8580mAh battery is charged via maximium through an 18W charger. Meaning the tablet management for charging speed is just normal with 2 hours charging time, but overall you just need proper time management when using the tablet and knowing when to charge it to avoid downtimes.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 9
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

Battery life before is short due to a battery drain issue but a recent update of Doogee fixed this and resulted to average 2 days of use for us in a casual usage scenario of watching entertainment and playing mobile legends from time to time.

Can you use for productivity?

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 13
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

Why not? It can be a student or employee’s companion for opening files and doing previews or even a tablet for conference calls and makes your laptop free to do other tasks for better multi tasking.

But we don’t recommend replacing your whole work flow to this tablet as an increase of usage scenario can fairly drain the battery and risk consuming the battery fully before the day ends.


The DOOGEE T30 Pro has the right size, thin form factor and bezels to make it an everyday casual tablet for entertainment or casual gaming. We love how it feels and weighs especially for a multi-facited lifestyle people like ourselves.

For an SRP of Php16,299 the price is a bit steep when purchased directly, but fortunately they bundle a free case and bluetooth keyboard + mice combo to ease up the deal. Especially as the competition is tight now with other brands with offerings less than 15k.

DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 1
DOOGEE T30 Pro Review 

What’s good

  • Decent performance
  • Premium feel
  • Very loud speakers

What’s needing improvement

  • Display glare is too high
  • Charging is basic

We highly suggest to get this tablet in E-Commerce promos to get the best deal like in the recent 11.11 where it was around just 14k + vouchers. We think this will repeat this 12.12 so make sure to stay tuned on the official facebook of DOOGEE for this.