DOTA 2 Chest of Endless Days Skins – List & Drops

Dota 2 Chest of Endless Days

Dota 2 has just gotten an update that introduces another treasure drop that you can open with specific keys for unique sets and skins. With the new Dota 2 “Chest of Endless Days”, players have a chance of getting a new skin for several heroes. Again, a key is required to open this chest and the key can be bought for US$2.49 or PhP 125.00 here in the Philippines.

How To Get Dota 2 Chest of Endless Days

Play Dota 2 Games

Chest of Endless Days
There’s a chance for you to get one whenever you play a game of DOTA 2.

The Chest of Endless Days only drops whenever you play matches in Dota 2. There is no way of buying them directly. As previously mentioned, you can only open them once you buy keys for them directly from Steam or the store itself. You an also buy them on the Steam Community Market as some are already up for sale.

Buy The Sets That You Want

Dota 2 Chest of Endless Days Requiem for Red Wolf Clan


If you only want a specific skin set among those offered in the Chest of Endless Days, you can currently buy them using the Steam Marketplace. Note that the rarity of the items affects the price, so expect to pay for high prices for the rarer ones in the set.

Dota 2 Chest of Endless Days Skins – Heroes List

Below are the list of heroes with skins in the Chest of Endless Days treasure drop. Note that some of them include sets for their familiars/summons.

Common (9 Sets)

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  • Luna (Madness of the Amaranth Orb)
  • Templar Assassin (Faceless Destiny)
  • Weaver (Vespoid Stalker)
  • Nature’s Prophet + Treant Skin (Prolific Planter)
  • Viper (Toll of the Netherblight)
  • Drow Ranger (Discipline of the Dark Star)
  • Wraith King (Unholy Harvest)
  • Pangolier (Foxtail Libertine)
  • Winter Wyvern (Polar Night)
  • Lycan + Shapeshift Skin + Wolves Skin (Requiem for Red Wolf Clan)

Rare (1 Set)

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  • Witch Doctor + Witch Doctor Death Ward (Servant of the Sightless Shamans)

Very Rare (1 Set)

Dota 2 Chest of Endless Days Hoodwink Scourge of the Skyrangers

  • Hoodwink (Scourge of the Skyrangers)

Ultra Rare (1 Set)

Dota 2 Chest of Endless Days Invoker Heir of Menace

  • Invoker (Heir of Menace) + Kid Invoker Persona

You can read the official announcement of the treasure drop here.