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Dunkin Donut’s dropping the Donut: Say hello to Dunkin!


This feature article was written by Diane Nicole Go (Instagram: friedandprejudice)

Out with the old, in with the new. Or at least that’s how the new year saying goes.

With 2020 underway, it’s time to do something new. Something different. Something interesting that will make the year a memorable one.

And that’s exactly what famous donut chain Dunkin Donuts did this 2020.

A well-loved coffeehouse and donut chain that came from the US, Dunkin’ Donuts has won over the hearts (and stomachs!) of many Filipinos for over 40 years. An icon and top-of-mind choice when it came to these sugary desserts, Dunkin Donuts has always offered a wide range of donuts, munchkins, and even savory sandwiches—called the Bunwich—to go with their variety of coffees and drinks.

My new favorite: Ham and Cheese Bunwich!

While their donuts and coffees have maintained the standards since they first opened in 1981, the food industry isn’t the same as it was before. In order to keep up with the ever-changing trends and the increasing number of competitors (each with unique gimmicks, promos and flavors of their own Dunkin Donuts needed to step things up.

Dunkin Donuts started off with a global rebrand just last January, where they unveiled their newest logo: Dunkin. Dropping the formalities (and the Donut), this iconic brand was ready to be addressed on a first-name basis in a move to become closer to its patrons. Plus, the shift from household name to a modern brand was just what Dunkin needed to kickstart 2020 with a bang.

And speaking of bang, this name-change was unveiled in their newly renovated branch at Aurora Boulevard Quezon City. Decked out in the iconic Orange and Magenta colors that are linked to Dunkin, the store gets a modern upgrade that align with their Proud Design strategy. That’s not all. This Dunkin outlet now integrates a 360-design that holistically ties the new elements of this branch together with new and improved Dunkin features upgrades all around.

Take for example the bright interiors, the neutral browns with that pop of color, and the expanded countertops that can accommodate more hungry patrons…

… along with the open setting where you can see your drinks being made and the available Bunwich variants, should you want something savory.

As for those who are on the go or in a rush? Dunkin now offers an express lane to speed things up. That’s right—they’ve got a designated counter for take outs, just right outside their store! But if you’re looking to dine in and chill, they’ve got more counters to accommodate the long lines.

And just look at all the donuts lined up neatly behind the register! Much like their growing product line, Dunkin expanded their shelves to fit all these flavors in a wall of donuts.

To encourage people to stay longer, Dunkin even upgraded the seating area to accommodate the various needs of their patrons—from plush couches for the senior, PWD folk, or anyone looking to relax to long community tables for people to make new friends. And for those who plan on working or studying there, Dunkin now has power outlets where you can charge your devices for as long as you need!

Aside from an efficient ordering system, a relaxing atmosphere for friends to gather or a peaceful space to get some work done, Dunkin interiors also reflect local elements that pay homage to Philippine culture. These include outlet banners with animals like the tarsier and pawikan, scenic spots like the Mayon Volcano, and even the iconic jeepney!

And let’s not forget the walls with the woven abaca design to serve as a perfect backdrop for those Instagrammable shots.

Is that all there is to it? Of course not! The Dunkin’ boys and celebrity actors Derek Ramsay, Dingdong Dantes and Piolo Pascual graced the grand opening in a short program where they talked about their plans in the coming months—with Dingdong being busy filming for the Descendants of the Sun remake, while Derek would have his hands full with two movies. But that wouldn’t stop them from being more active in the Dunkin scene this year.

The three men promise more vlogs—with Piolo being very much open to starring in their own Dunkin movie, should they be given the chance—more memes, and exciting promos that you and everyone else should watch out for.

Yes, Dingdong is very much updated with all of the Dingdong memes. He and his family even have their own versions!

So, what’s in store (pun intended) for the coming years? First up, we’ve got the Sari-sari bucket— a sampler filled with Dunkin goodies! These include 10 pieces of Choco Bang (chocolate-covered Bavarian munchkins), 16 Premium Munchkins that include the iconic tiny Choco Butternut, Butternut, Ube and Chocolate  donuts, and 12 pieces of Dunkin Yan (long donuts dipped halfway in chocolate and finished off with sprinkles)—all for PHP299.

Better hurry though. The Sari-sari Bucket is available only until January 31, 2020, so head on over to your nearest branch to get a hold of this yummy delight.

More exciting promos and activities await for the years to come, and Dunkin promises good vibes all the way. Now doesn’t that just sound awesome?

Keep up with the latest happenings by visiting Dunkin’s social media accounts over at Facebook and Instagram. The newly renovated Aurora branch can be found at 733 Aurora Boulevard Corner Balete Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.





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