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Enjoying the tech features of the GAC Emkoo – Drive Experience


The GAC Emkoo is a 1.298m crossover that is simply a looker, a lot of people are simply stunned on how the overall package this car can provide. Just to set expectations, this isn’t a full car review but more of an experience sharing in using this car over the November long holiday.

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 7
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience

Just remember that this car is a crossover with a 1.5L GDI Turbo Engine with a 7 wet dual clutch transmission, plus a very futuristic design and outside.

What’s different in tech inside?

To give some context, my daily driver is a Honda Civic FC 2017 which doesn’t have any sensory technology features like lane management, anti-collision systems, or even a simple Apple carplay in the dashboard.

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 9
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 9

Switching to a vehicle that is raised with a 10.1″ Floating Central Touchscreen + LED dashboard is a huge jump for me. But for you not being overwhelmed as me, we shall just focus on the most important ones.

First and foremost changing temperature is a very cool toggle knob which you either pull or push down. Then depending on the aircon controls if its in auto, it will adjust accordingly to match the temperature.

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 6
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience

The car’s enterior is built with special concept of being futuristic, even opening the door is a special pull level mechanism not seen in any other cars we’ve seen in the price point. Combined with the chrome barrel vent pipes and glass reflected LED ambiance.

We like the integration of being futuristic and still visually feel the hardware being a part of the story for the vehicle. So I can confidently say that you will learn how to love the car if you are overwhelmed by it, but you will surely love the journey learning it.

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 12
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 12

Wireless Apple Carplay is available but aside that you can do the following, what’s important here is that in the center console you can manage most of the vehicle’s features

  • Infotanment (Bluetooth, Audio, Mp3)
  • Drive style (Comfort, Eco, Sport)
  • LED Ambient Lights
  • Automated controls
  • Car management (Windows, lock, etc)
  • Temperature + Aircon Controls
  • Etc
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 4
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 4

Ventilated seats! 

The driver and front passenger seat is equipped with ventilated seats, a feature we didn’t think we would need but we NEED! This saved us from several traffic jams under the hot weather having us sweating in our backs while if its even 20 degrees inside.

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 2
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience

Aside from this the front driver seat is electronically powered so adjustment is fairly easy and fancy.

How’s the drive experience

While this isn’t a drive review, we will still mention our overall impression of this car. The Emkoo can fly when needed, gracefully and swiftly overtaking a climb in Antipolo or Tagaytay, it doesn’t lack the power to overtake but has a minor issue on the transmission.

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 1
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience

There is a slight delay in between your acceleration stepping on the pedal to the response of the vehicle to ramp up more power. While going to sports mode to fix this will do the trick, unnecessary RPM is done so and will result to some engine roar that is a bit excessive.

While we aren’t the fan of driving sensors while driving, the Emkoo has lane assist driving technology that will help you keep constant speeds and distance to your drive. Just make sure the markings in your road is well marked to work. 60% of the time using the driving assist works, but long turns in antipolo while driving made us anxious to trust the device.


We super love the electronic door handle automatically retracting when in locked or not, this is a super big part of the story of when getting near the vehicle and being futuristic like electric cars. But in this mode when you simply unlock the key fob, the 10.1″ infotainment system will automatically kick in the connection for the Apple Car Play even if the car is not opened.

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 5
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 5

One more thing at the back is the rear door opening very slightly, so its a bit combersome in inspections when security personnels can’t open the door cause the back door layout isn’t the normal crossover with a toggle to open and lift. Hopefully there is a mode to change how much % the hydraulics will open when the tailgate is opened.

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 7
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 7

You’ll love this car if you want to be different

GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 10
GAC Emkoo Drive Experience 10

The GAC Emkoo is a notch higher than the usual crossovers starting at Php1.298m, though it may not have a sunroof this is the configuration that we are looking for as sunroof isn’t our thing. At its base model the technology and unique tech features for its price makes up the price for the extra 100-200k that you will shell out versus other crossovers. If you want to be a looker at the streets, have a strong distinction among the rest of the crowd and satisfy your tech cravings in a car then the GAC Emkoo is a definite  top choice among brands in the market right now.

What we love

  • Every drive is an experience to learn the Emkoo
  • A tech lover’s features, not fancy but useable tech
  • Futuristic and stunning design both inside and outside.

What could improve 

  • Computerized acceleration can still be more responsive through a software update
  • Automatic raising rear tailgate should be included in the base model
  • Disable the wireless Apple Carplay in non-ignition sessions

If you want the full package of having a sunroof, wireless tailgate, automatic tailgate and more tech features the higher GL model is available for Php1.498m. For more details you can try a drive test your self in GAC dealerships and even visit their official website.






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