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Every byte counts: Globe Tattoo ends unlimited DSL offerings


We already started being more conscious in what we download with our mobile phone data last year when Globe and Smart offered volume based data plans and now its even on our DSL lines. With the launch of SingTel’s content streaming service HOOQ here in the Philippines, Globe Tattoo totally revamped their Tattoo DSL offerings at the same time scrapping their unlimited plans with fix data quantity per month. Allegro_Tattoo-Home-Broadband-Table-Image-v5 In Globe Tattoo’s new DSL offerings, it clearly states a fixed data allocation that can be consumed per month. Whereas before, you will be given with data allocation per day depending on your plan. Globe Tattoo initially started this scheme last November with their NBA League Pass plan 1299 5Mbps with 10GB Data with Unlimited Spotify and NBA League pass monthly. It seems that the plan didn’t kicked well since for the almost same price, is their Plan 1599 5Mbps plan with unlimited data allocation.

Major Disadvantages

Checking out their frequently asked question page, here is what we found out

1. These plans are now permanent and totally replaces the unlimited plans. Limited 2. LTE based connections can add up data allocation while fixed DSL / Fiber connections are stuck to 64Kbps once all data is consumed. Add-On   Another inconsistency we saw is in comparison with Globe’s GoSurf plans for their postpaid plans. It seems unfair that for GoSurf subscribers to pay P2 per MB, as compared to their LTE tattoo plans can add 1GB of data for as low as Php50. After all, both are just simply utilizing the same LTE network.


Fortunately if you are an existing Globe Tattoo subscriber, you won’t be automatically endure the new DSL plans. They didn’t mention when the plan will be migrated to the new plans, but most likely it will be on your plans’ 24th month or after the holding period. So if you’re getting a new plan from Tattoo Globe, you’re already included for the new plans volume based. Fortunately

Entertainment Pack

On the plus side, Globe’s entertainment services such as HOOQ, Spotify Premium and NBA League pass are now bundled with the plans. Unfortunately not all subscribers will be able to utilize all three, perhaps one or nothing at all. But its rendered useless for subscribers like me, since I already have a Postpaid plan from Globe that offers the same thing. Allegro_Tattoo-Home-Broadband-Headline-image-v5 With this move, subscribers are no longer paying for speed for higher premiums as data allocation is added to the computation. It seems that Globe is slowly adapting the pay per bucket policy for their subscribers as what the rest of the world is doing now. With DSL lines are mainly used for laptops, consumption of data is bigger, we worry that an average subscriber can easily fill up the data cap with the newly implemented plans.




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