Evil Geniuses wins the Aegis in #TI5


After an exciting and action-packed battles between the finalist, CDEC and Evil Geniuses, the american team EG finally wins the Aegis in the grandest Dota 2 event of the year, The Internationals 5.


During the best-out-of-five matches, CDEC manages to snatch game 2 but Evil Geniuses made sure that they will not make the same mistakes again.


At the fourth and final match, Evil Geniuses managed to farm up Suma1l’s Storm Spirit and held Aggressif’s Phantom Lancer at bay to make sure that they will not catch up with their farm.

The winner became apparent when CDEC was trying to kill Roshan and EG’s Earthshaker catches all five of the enemies in an awesome chaos dunk, leaving the sole Phantom Lancer alive and running back to the base.

Evil Geniuses won a total of 6,616,014 USD (almost 305,000,000 Php) while CDEC will have 2,848,562 USD.