Exploring Huawei MatePad Pro Both Productivity & Entertainment

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The Huawei MatePad Pro is one impressive tablet for its package considering its processor, size, and potential.  Considering its price point of Php32,990, the tablet can be an all-round performer for both performance and entertainment. In our weeks of using the tablet, its actually an eye-opener of how much you can do on a device that’s between the size of your phone and a laptop.

Yes, we all know the elephant in the room that Huawei has its own App Gallery and we discussed that in our first impressions of the device. Our efforts of installing applications fro the combination of using the Huawei App Gallery, APK Pure, and Cloning apps via previous smartphones helped a lot.


The App Gallery is Huawei’s own application access window that lets you discover tons of apps for the MatePad Pro. Despite its less than a year of existence, it has grown enough to supply the most needs of a customer with the top apps in the Philippines already available.

Fortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop us from enjoying the device. Given some turnarounds, we were able to maximize the MatePad Pro to be a productive tablet while enjoying entertainment as well. It can actually be your alternative device instead of having two smartphones given its also LTE capable.

Productivity & Entertainment

One app we love is the Nebo app which is already pre-installed to utilize the M-Pencil of the MatePad. It can detect your note writing even in scribbles to note form, which is a great way of taking down notes and eventually converting them into a diagram form when necessary.

This app is really nice especially when you love taking down notes and let yourself organized in a digital fashion way. It’s very similar to Microsoft One Note where you can also do freestyle note taking and create an account to organize your notes.

Huawei MyScript Calculator

One fun app we also liked is the MyScript Calculator that lets you write the mathematical equations and automatically be analyzed and solved in seconds. This is a great way to see process flows in equations since you can make every part of the equation to be solved first before finding the derivative. (*geeky*)

Here’s a screenshot of us going to shopee via the web browser while watching The Good Doctor Season 3, via the muti-window feature of the MatePad Pro. The window can be either 1/4 or 1/2 the size so the other half can be 3/4 or 1/2 the size.

Plus the quad-speakers sound by Harman Kardon on the MatePad is great for immersive viewing to fill up a room. No powerful base, but the audio is clear and very appreciative.

Via the floating window, you can also access apps such as Spotify with no problem and quickly change applications when necessary. It’s a nice gesture that the EMUI was able to put since this cuts the transitions from switching apps.

Overall the top apps we were able to download via the Huawei App Gallery were the following, while the rest are fully functional after cloning the apps from our previous Huawei phone and it’s even already signed-in.

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Paymaya
  • BDO
  • GCash
  • TikTok
  • Shopee
  • CamScanner
  • iWant

Ultimately the Huawei eco-system is also a very clever one where it can collaborate with another Huawei device so you don’t have to hold two devices on one occasion. This is also great to transfer files such as photos, videos, and more. In our case, we connected a type-C connector to access a USB and even display the tablet via a TV on an HDMI when necessary.

Yup, you’ve probably seen the Google App Store in the photo cause its *still possible with some help in the world of “I’m not giving up!”. You can follow the steps to install google play from GadgetPilipinas which our MatePad worked well.

Given the multitasking and package of the Huawei MatePad Pro for Php32,990 it’s a great tablet to have. Right now their pre-order promotion is already over so you can get the tablet for 32,990 with the free magnetic flip cover. If you want to purchase the accessories separately, the magnetic keyboard and M-Pencil is around 12,000 pesos upon checking in Lazada.

*Working as of April 25, 2020