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Familiar but more Powerful and No Compromise Laptop – ASUS Vivobook Pro 16 OLED


ASUS’ latest laptop intrigued us with maximum curiosity, it’s the Vivobook Pro 16 OLED K6602. Imagine a Vivobook reaching the SRP price of PhP 104,995, whereas in the lineup of this price you can already buy other series from the same company that has the more established recognition. So who would be its target audience and ultimately…why?

But as we start to use the laptop, we now understand its purpose and why it was created. To simply summarize, this is created for those who don’t compromise. A big-sized 16-inch laptop with a strong performance, premium high-refresh rate OLED panel, and a complete set of ports.

ASUS VivoBook Pro 16 OLED K6602Z

The Vivobook Pro 16 OLED is still light at 1.9kg made with an aluminum alloy. Kinda looks similar to its more-affordable Vivobook series laptops but in a more premium and refined feel. Now if you just thought of your current work laptop or perhaps you owned a Vivobook laptop before or now, then you are the target market for this machine.

Who Was it Created For?

ASUS VivoBook Pro 16 OLED K6602Z

As a student or early working professional, you will eventually upgrade to a laptop to amp up your lifestyle and experience. Now you can choose from different series like the Zenbook which is lighter, or go hardcore with a Republic of Gamers of Laptop. But it will be either light with limited ports, or powerful but intended for gaming. What if you just need a more powerful Vivobook compared to your current everyday laptop?

One major advantage of the Vivobook Pro 16 OLED is the no compromise in ports, it’s simply complete for your needs. Trust us if you are a highly mobile person who can’t afford to be compromised by adapters, you will love this machine.

Total ports 

  • 2x Thunderbolt™ 4 port (40 Gpbs Data, 4K display output, 100W Power Delivery Charging)
  • 2x USB 3.2 Type A Port
  • 1x USB 3 Type A Port
  • 1x Full Sized HDMI 2.1 Port
  • 1x Gigabit RJ-45 Port
  • 1x 3.5mm Audio Port
  • 1x Micro SD Card
  • 1x DC Port for Dedicated Charger

Imagine using your laptop as your mobile powerhouse for editing, processing, or even passion points like connecting external devices such as camera and DJ equipment for your hobbies. Unlike other series laptops, this is the advantage of the Vivobook 16 Pro OLED, familiar look but a heck more powerful.

Powerd by the Latest Package

Additionally this is no small fry machine as it is powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 12700H processor, NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 3050 Ti GDDR6 with ample 16GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB PCIe® 3.0 SSD. Ready when you step up in life in activities such as editing videos, playing triple A games, live streaming, or even computational AI processing.

ASUS VivoBook Pro 16 OLED K6602Z

One perfect example is when you decide to use external devices with your laptop like a DJ deck, you need a reliable connection for the USB port in order to deliver stable signal and power to the device. Avoiding unnecessary skips or sudden disconnection, imagine using 3rd party adapters too since it will be subjective to trouble.

We love the thoughtfulness of this machine as well, ASUS really fixed several annoyances in your early years of our working life especially the power button. Before you would tend to press the power button by accident when trying to press nearby corner buttons, now it’s a dual purpose button with a static feel and serves as a fingerprint sensor. Avoiding the accidental press you really don’t need especially when crunching at work.

Visual-wise the Vivobook Pro 16 OLED provides the latest experience by offering a premium 16” 3.2K (3200×2000) Resolution OLED Panel with 120Hz refresh rate. Not to mention the very thin bezels with an 87% screen-to-body ratio. If you are wondering about the advantage of OLED vs IPS, it’s really having the scenario of Auto HDR, better colors when needed and that premium color profile you always see like in high-end televisions.

ASUS VivoBook Pro 16 OLED K6602Z

The speakers took a huge upgrade as well with a stronger wattage without being distorted, we love our experience playing Genshin Impact in an immersive manner thanks to the built-in Dolby Atmos software. Same as premium laptops of ASUS, this is also sound by Harman/Kardon.

ASUS VivoBook Pro 16 OLED K6602Z

This can also act as your home desktop by simply plugging into a monitor, at peak performance we really felt the advantage of the triple fan setup which is composed of two intake beneath the laptop and one exhaust at the left side of the laptop. Fan Noise when maxed is noticeable but normal for high-end devices such as this, the important matter is that there was minimal thermal throttling experienced when switching from gaming to other intensive apps like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere.

Additionally, before switching graphics cards from internal vs external was fairly easy but for the longest time in laptops this has a flaw. Apparently this method passes through the CPU adding load and producing deterioration of performance, so ASUS developed a dedicated lane to process the external graphics card without passing through the CPU and adding load which they called MUX switch. Honestly, this is way too technical for us to even observe but hey, every performance increase counts.

ASUS VivoBook Pro 16 OLED K6602Z

Now about the battery, we are glad of the flexibility of this machine with maximum charging of 120W with the provided charging brick. Can we say it looks sleek and a step up as well. Charging full is achieved around an hour and a half, but mobile for our experience for around 4-5 hours in strong brightness and usual online use.

We love that you can also charge this device via a power delivery charger of up to 100W, which is considerably not bad since you can buy PD chargers for your other Type-C devices for better mobility.

Conclusion – Familiar but a Heck More Powerful 

Previously we thought that when stepping up the ladder in your life, you will either look for a premium laptop that is either thin or powerful, but you can actually achieve this both with the Vivobook Pro 16 OLED K6602. Brought by the pandemic, it’s important we need a reliable laptop that can handle our work, play, and even passion but also without compromise.

ASUS VivoBook Pro 16 OLED K6602Z

For the price of PhP 104,995 for the Vivobook Pro 16 OLED, don’t let the word “Vivobook” assume that it’s an affordable device as this proves that even ASUS’ best-selling lineup of laptops for everyone has a premium variant. That’s why it may look familiar, but definitely packs everything you need for today and the future.

As part of being premium this laptop has a special warranty of 2 years global coverage with 1 year having PH Platinum.Financing is also available via Home Credit with up to 18 months. Alternative You can check out where to see this laptop using this link.




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