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We finally have our own FIBER internet connection – Here’s how to check and push yours!


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After many months of asking PLDT, Converge, and Globe to inquire about Fiber internet in our house, we finally have one. We even tried scouting for methods to know if there is Fiber internet in our house like the online checker from Globe, but their system still needs more updating as it was false hope.

Then finally, the good old fashioned word of mouth worked. We saw a contractor for PLDT and Converge named as “FiberHome” installing fiber connection into a pole near our house. We inquired what are they servicing and confirmed that it is Fiber internet up to 50mbps for PLDT and Converge.

Always be on a lookout for this logo, perhaps they might be installing near you


We immediately applied for Fiber Internet via PLDT as their landline is free along with the plan. Sorry, Converge, yours doesn’t have a landline 🙁

To make things easier, be on the lookout for these cabinets in poles in your area. These are called NAP Cabinets that technicians and customer service agents use if you have feasible fiber in your area.

PLDT labels their cabinets, while Converge has no branding. Just take down the code in the cabinet for a faster transaction and isolation for the IPS team.

After almost 2 weeks of applying, we go into some delay due to problems with our full address versus our proof of billing address. It seems PLDT will consider your address different even if the block number is just missing.

Moving forward, we are now enjoying speeds of 20mbps in our home. Just remember that the landline is now via VOIP, so be careful of your line as it’s sensitive. Consider it as gold, so far our connection is very stable and no downtime is encountered for the past 2 weeks.

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So here are out tips for you to have Fiber internet at home

  • Be on a lookout for NAP Cabinets and note them down
  • If you have a neighbor with Fiber internet, ask their account number so you can refer them upon inquiry for faster tracking
  • If still don’t have NAP cabinets in your area, call the telco and say your interest to apply. They add this to demand generation and can greatly consider your area for priority installation.
  • Inform your local government – Yes this helps too as sometimes the operators just need to dig up Fiber cable to reach a certain cabinet. After that, everything goes through poles again just like the other normal internet does.
  • When you applied for Fiber, follow up everyday! – I know this might sound like a rant, but PLDT customer service representatives can just “Follow Up” as the department for sales and installation is different. Unless PLDT sales call you up for verification, you are doomed as the installation permit will not be granted. So it pays to follow up everyday to get the account moving.

In all honesty, I only got a call from PLDT two times in the whole duration of my application. There wasn’t any confirmation of an installation and I was just surprised last March 18, 2017 that they installed our Fiber internet. We initially applied or Fiber Feb 27, 2017, so that’s around 20 days processing.

So overall, your journey for Fiber internet won’t be easy as pie but it will make you ready for 1st world internet. So a bit more patience as all telcos are now investing heavily for fiber connection, they just need your support and from the government to make it faster.

After getting a Fiber internet connection, next is your router and their stock router is CRAP! So check this article out in how to know what router fits for you!

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