fully booked mid year sale
fully booked mid year sale
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Fully Booked will be having 15% off Mid Year Sale starting this June 25 until June 29. This discount applies only on items brought on their online shop. It is also worth noting that this does not apply to all books and only titles with the “D-coded” marking are eligible for the discount. Purchases amounting to a total of PhP 799 or higher after discounts are also eligible for free shipping.

Users will also get a limited edition tote bag from Penguin Random House for purchases done within 12am to 1am of June 25, 2021.

Fully Booked Midyear Online Sale


Where To See The “D-Coded” Mark?

D Coded Books Fully Booked

To check if the title is D-coded, you have to view the individual page of the title first. Then at the right side of the page, you’ll see “D-Coded” just below the price.

Fully Booked Mid Year Sale Free Discount Card

Users that purchase a minimum of PhP 3,000 are eligible for a free Fully Booked Discount Card. However, you need to e-mail them your details after confirming your purchase to receive a PDF file containing the application form. Users that want to have a discount card must e-mail them within one week after the sale.

You Can Give It To Another Person

If you already have a card, you can have it named to another person. To do this, you have to share the details of your nominated person and have them fill up and submit the application form. They have to do this on or before July 7 to be considered.

No Further Discounts

The discounts are automatically applied once you check out. Note that no further discounts, such as promos from credit cards and Fully Booked Discount Cards, can be used when purchasing the D-coded items.

Read more about the promo on the Fully Booked official site here. If you want to know if your favorite books are in stock, e-mail them at [email protected].