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How To Use Your Debit Card On Steam

Can You Use Your Debit Card? You have the money, you have the urge, but you can’t buy things on Steam because you don’t have a credit card? If that sounds true and you’ve exhausted...
Modern Warfare 2 Bots

Modern Warfare 2 How To Setup Bots – Details

In Modern Warfare 2 (CODMW2 2022), players can play with bots to test out weapons, techniques, and other tools. Get to know how to play with bots, how to setup a bot match, and...
WH40K World Eaters Combat Patrol Cover

WH40K World Eaters Combat Patrol Details – Price & Release Date

After months of waiting, we finally have something to start that World Eaters dream army. Just recently unveiled is the official Combat Patrol box for the new World Eaters and as expected, it contains...

Motherboard Review: Gigabyte G1. Sniper B6

We promised you guys a while back with an overview of the latest B85 motherboards, and now we have the second entry in the list, the Gigabyte G1.Sniper B6. Though one can be misled...

Motherboard Review: Asus B85-Pro Gamer

For the past few months, we've been reviewing high-end motherboards with much gusto and flair. But we have to admit, not everybody can afford the luxury of having a blinking motherboard with armor on...

Dead Space Remake Flamethrower Upgrades – Where To Find

In Dead Space Remake (Dead Space 2023), players can find upgrades for the Flamethrower, making it a deadlier weapon against the Necromorphs. Get to know where you can get the Flamethrower, unlockable unique perks...
Dead Space Remake Contact Beam Ammo Schematic Cover

Dead Space Remake Contact Beam Ammo Schematic Location

In Dead Space Remake (Dead Space 2023), players can buy ammo from shops but must first find the schematic for it. One such schematic is ammo for the Contact Beam. Get to know where...

Ragnarok Online PH bids a GG on March 31

Ragnarok Online, the game that pioneered online gaming in the Philippines, is set to close its doors this coming March 31, 2015. The inevitable demise of the once popular online game is to no ones...
Hogwarts Legacy Giant Purple Toad Cover

Hogwarts Legacy Giant Purple Toad – Where To Find & How To Use

In Hogwarts Legacy, players get to encounter a Giant Purple Toad. Get to know where to find the Giant Purple Toad and its location, how to use it, quest needed, and more using this...

The New Gaming Standard: MSI Z97 Gaming 5

MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Review It’s hard to pull off the same trick twice. But what works, works. With that said, the working formula of the Gaming series has proven to be a bit traditional...




OnePlus 11

OnePlus 11 Review: Punching Above its Weight?

The OnePlus 11 is the first launch from the company and they are already firing on all cylinders. This is their newest flagship packing...