Get Battleborn and 11 More Games in Humble 2K Bundle 2


Hungry for some more games before the summer gaming season? You can head over to Humble Bundle to check good games on sale for as low as $1! The current collection is selling Battleborn A.K.A. the game that everyone forgot once Overwatch came out, and 11 other games for a measly US$15. That’s about PhP 700. The price might be too high for some but then again, you get 11 legitimate games plus 2 complimentary packs for Battleborn.


Here’s the entire game list:



For US$1.00  (approx. PhP 47.00):
-The Darkness II
-Spec Ops: The Line
-Duke Nukem Forever

For US$9.36 (approx. PhP 440.25):
-Sid Meier’s Civilization V
-NBA 2K16
-Mafia II Director’s Cut
-Battleborn Starter Skin Pack
-Freedom Force
-Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich
-The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
-Railroad Tycoon 3

For US$15 (approx. PhP 705.52):
-Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
-Battleborn Platinum Currency

You can check out the full list by visiting Humble Bundle. For those curious about the total price, you need not convince yourself more as Battleborn is currently offered at US$59.99 (approx PhP2,855.00). Going with the bundle is a great way to circumvent that high price tag.

Oh, and better get it fast! The deal ends in less than 12 hours!