GODSOME: Clash of Gods Is Now Out & Live

GODSOME Clash of Gods Now Available

Mobile game fans can join the war of gods in  GODSOME: Clash of Gods from Nexon Games, now available to download in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines for both Android and iOS devices. Combining Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) elements with Real-Time Strategy (RTS) GODSOME: Clash of Gods allows large numbers of players to interact and battle in a vast continent while controlling troops in real time to devise strategies and triumph in battle.

GODSOME: Clash of Gods Now Available Details

Pre-Register Bonuses

Players who pre-registered last month will receive special rewards in their Mail once they join the game. Rewards include Holy Moonstone Hammer x1, an item used to summon powerful gods, and Chaos Gem x300, valuable in-game currency.

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GODSOME: Clash of Gods Details

Players who enter the battlefield in this all new MMORTS mobile game will experience:

  • Territorial war in an expansive land – Compete for the best territories in the continent and gain access to abundant resources and strategic locations.
  • Strategic battles with real-time troop management – Overpower enemies with clever planning and execution.
  • Diverse elements for exploration – Explore a far-reaching new world and discover ancient monoliths, among other unseen mysteries.
  • Stories of well-known, majestic gods from Mythology – Choose from the most renowned myths from around the world and learn the unique backgrounds of each god.
  • Growth system based on collecting and upgrading – Collect gods to develop and combine them accordingly to acquire unparalleled skill effects and combat buffs.
  • Advancement of Sacred Land according to changes in era – Upgrade the various buildings on base to advance to new ages and witness how your Sacred Land develops.
  • Upgrade system where powerful gods contribute to Sacred Land development – Assign gods to their respective buildings to receive their favors and gain a variety of useful enhancements.
  • Large-scale battles and fierce competition – Collaborate with friendly alliances to devise the best strategies and defeat enemy alliances in large-scale battles.

How To Download GODSOME: Clash of Gods

GODSOME: Clash of Gods is available to download here. More information can be found on the official website and social media pages.

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