Gundam Evolution: Mahiroo Guide – Unit Stats, Weapons & Skills

Gundam Evolution Mahiroo

In Gundam Evolution, players can pick the Mahiroo as their unit during matches. The Mahiroo is a Mid-Range unit armed with a REN-DO Grenade. It comes with a variety of skills that can help you and your team win fights. Get to know the Mahiroo’s stats, weapons, skills, G-Maneuver, and more using this guide.

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Gundam Evolution Mahiroo Details

Mahiroo Full


Mahiroo Unit Description

The main mobile suit of the lunar Ghingnham Fleet. With a head full of sensors and an internal structure lined with artificial muscle fibers, the Mahiroo is clearly cut from a different cloth than other mobile suits of its time period.

Unit Details

Difficulty Range HP Dash Limit Shield
★★☆☆ Mid-Range 800 2

How To Unlock Mahiroo

Unlock the Mahiroo by using 990 EVO Coins or 1,980 Capital.

Gundam Evolution Mahiroo Weapons

The Mahiroo is a tricky fighter equipped with REN-DO Grenades, which can bounce off walls, as its main weapons. It also performs Forward Flip Kicks and has access to the Toroidal Shield with Internal Mega Particle Cannon.

REN-DO Grenade

Mahiroo REN-DO Grenade

Primary Fire Fires a grenade that can bounce off walls. The grenade explodes after a short delay, or when it contacts an enemy unit.
Alternate Fire Steadying the weapon increases the REN-DO Grenade’s rate of fire.

Gundam Evolution Mahiroo Skill

Skills Effect / Description
Toroidal Shield with Internal Mega Particle CannonToroidal Shield with Internal Mega Particle Cannon Pinpoint a target location and unleash a barrage from the Internal Mega Particle Cannon. Altenate ability fires the Internal Mega Particle Cannon at the specified location. After a short delay, shells will blast the location, damaging and stunning all nearby enemy units.
Forward Flip KickForward Flip Kick A forward dash followed by melee strike that lashes out in front of the unit, damaging and knocking back the first enemy hit. Hitting an enemy launches the unit backwards into the air, and hitting a wall launches you upward.
Sensor DomeSensor Dome Use the Sensor Dome to scan in front of the unit. Scanning can penetrate walls, but spotted units are only revealed to the user.

Mahiroo G-Maneuver

Skills Effect / Description
REN-DO Grenade (Rush)REN-DO Grenade (Rush) Equip REN-DO Grenades in both arms. All loaded REN-DO Grenades are launched alternatively from the left and right sides, up to six times.

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