Gundam Evolution: Unicorn Gundam Guide – Unit Stats, Weapons & Skills

Gundam Evolution Unicorn Gundam

In Gundam Evolution, players can pick the Unicorn Gundam as their unit during matches. The Unicorn Gundam is a Mid-Range unit armed with a Beam Gatling Gun. It comes with a variety of skills that can help you and your team win fights. Get to know the Unicorn Gundam’s stats, weapons, skills, G-Maneuver, and more using this guide.

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Gundam Evolution Unicorn Gundam Details

Unicorn Gundam Full


Unicorn Gundam Unit Description

The Unicorn utilizes the NT-D System, which activates against Newtypes and Cyber-Newtypes.
Piloted by Banagher Links, whose psycho-waves resonate with the NT-D to become a supernatural force.

Unit Details

Difficulty Range HP Dash Limit Shield
★★☆☆ Mid-Range 800 2

How To Unlock Unicorn Gundam

Unlock the Unicorn Gundam by using 990 EVO Coins or 1,980 Capital.

Gundam Evolution Unicorn Gundam Weapons

A unit with Psychi-frame resonance and Psycho-field (Armor), well suited as a support. Its deadly Beam Magnum can cut through multiple targets.

Beam Gatling Gun

Unicorn Gundam Beam Gatling Gun

Primary Fire Fires constant rapid-fire beams, effective up to mid-range.
Alternate Fire Steady the weapon to limit recoil and improve mid-range accuracy.

Gundam Evolution Unicorn Gundam Skill

Skills Effect / Description
Psycho-frame ResonancePsycho-frame Resonance (Passive) Continuously repair nearby allies.
Shield FunnelShield Funnel Looking at an enemy highlights them and pressing the activating the skill launches the Shield Funnel towards them. The Shield Funnel damages and tracks the highlighted enemy as it travels. Upon impact, the enemy unit takes damage and is knocked back.
Psycho-field (Armor)Psycho-field (Armor) Grant armor protection to nearby allies.

Unicorn Gundam G-Maneuver

Skills Effect / Description
Beam MagnumBeam Magnum Equip the Beam Magnum. Fire a Beam Magnum that pierces enemy units. Can be fired up to 5 times.

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