Gundam Evolution: Zaku II Melee Guide – Unit Stats, Weapons & Skills

Gundam Evolution Zaku II Melee

In Gundam Evolution, players can pick the Zaku II [Melee] as their unit during matches. The Zaku II [Melee] is a Close-Range unit armed with a Large Heat Hawk (Slash). It comes with a variety of skills that can help you and your team win fights. Get to know the Zaku II [Melee]’s stats, weapons, skills, G-Maneuver, and more using this guide.

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Gundam Evolution Zaku II [Melee] Details

Zaku II Melee Full


Zaku II [Melee] Unit Description

A mass-produced mobile suit developed by the Principality of Zeon., the Zaku’s versatile design spawned numerous variations. Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi’s personal machine of this model is adorned with engravings and equipped with a large Heat Hawk.

Unit Details

Difficulty Range HP Dash Limit Shield
★★☆☆ Close-Range 1200 2

How To Unlock Zaku II [Melee]

Unlock the Zaku II [Melee] by using 990 EVO Coins or 1,980 Capital.

Gundam Evolution Zaku II [Melee] Weapons

The Zaku II Melee uses Guard to block attacks while it closese the gap between it and the enemy. It then disables enemy shields with tackles. It can also consume the Rage Meter to boost attack and defese, making it a formidable close-quarters fighter.

Large Heat Hawk (Slash)

Large Heat Hawk

Primary Fire A cleaving Strike with the Large Heat Hawk. Effective against close-range targets to the front. The strike pierces enemy units.
Alternate Fire

Guard Tackle

Guard Tackle

Primary Fire Raise arms to guard unit.
Alternate Fire Perform a forward tackle attack while guarding, inflicting damage, knocking back, and disabling the Shields of enemies hit.

Gundam Evolution Zaku II Melee Skill

Skills Effect / Description
Large Heat Hawk (Shockwave)Large Heat Hawk (Shockwave) A mighty swing of the Large Heat Hawk that unleashes piercing shockwaves against enemy units.
SurviveSurvive Temporarily blocks all attacks, but user is rendered motionless. During deployment, damage taken fuels the Rage Meter.
Zeon's RageZeon’s Rage Unleashes when the Rage Meter fills. Consumes the meter to temporarily gain Super Armor and increased damage.

Zaku II Melee G-Maneuver

Skills Effect / Description
Large Heat Hawk (Rotating Slash)Large Heat Hawk (Rotating Slash) Perform spinning strikes with the Large Heat Hawk for a period of time. Deals damage and knocks nearby enemy units.

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