Have you tried the new Japanese Katsu Pork Ribs from Racks?

We all know RACKS as a restaurant for scrumptious, fall-off-the-bone ribs, hickory-smoked, and flame frilled food. With years of offering Filipinos mouth-watering dishes, the company recently went out its comfort zone and offers a new twist unimaginable.

This time, RACKS is unbelievably offering Japanese Katsu Pork Ribs! A pork cutlet, coated in flaky potato breadcrumbs and then deep-fried, revealing a flavorful meal that is crisp on the outside, yet tender on the inside.


This twist is welcome in Racks as it brings vibrancy and welcomes for change in the company. But, no matter what happens, I still love my BBQ sauce to mix with any RACKS dishes.

With the Katsu Pork Ribs, RACKS marries their signature pork ribs with the popular Japanese tonkatsu, into an exciting new dish that will keep old and new fans’ tastebuds asking for more. The Katsu Pork Ribs is perfectly crispy on the outside, but one bite and diners will immediately recognize the same fall-off-the-bone goodness as can only be expected from RACKS.

Additionally, its served with homemade coleslaw and skinny fries, the Katsu Pork Ribs is definitely one of a kind from RACKS, bringing together the best of Japanese and American flavors that you can’t miss out.

If you are a fan of Katsu, then hurry as this dish is only available until June 30, 2018! If you do happen to check out one, share it online and include the hashtag #RACKSTheTasteYouRemember

How much? Its available for Php465 in all RACKS branches nationwide.