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Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Solution Guide


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In Hogwarts Legacy, players get to encounter a bunch of puzzle doors with symbols around it. Get to know how to solve these locked door puzzles, answers, and more using this guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Solution Guide

Figure Out The Missing Symbols

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Add

The door puzzle is pretty simple as you only need to add the symbols to get the sum located at the middle. The problem is, however, you need to have a code of some sort to know the equivalent numbers of each symbol. Thankfully, you can get this by getting the Arithmancy Study Guide Page. Other than the solution, a chalkboard just beside it shows the trick with these locked doors. Both of these clues are located just in front of the Arithmancy Class.

How To Get The Arithmancy Study Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Study Location

From the Divination Classroom Floo Flame, take the corridor to your right. Continue forward until the path splits then go and take the right path. At the end of this path is a door puzzle together with the answers needed to open it right in front.

Arithmancy Study Guide – Symbols & Numbers

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Solution

When solving door puzzles, keep this the above image open to help you get the solutions faster without having to open the document itself in-game.

Figure Out The Needed Symbols

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle How To Solve

You can solve the doors using the Arithmancy Study Guide page above. There are ten symbols and you have to figure out which ones you need to add to get the number located in the middle of the triangle.

Solution – Solve The Question Marks

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Solution 1

Solution 2

Aside from the symbols, you also have to be wary of the question marks scattered nearby the locked door. In some cases, you may have to explore a bit to find them. Interact with the question marks until you get the symbol that you need. Replace the question marks with the symbol needed using the Arithmancy Study Guide:

  • ? – Symbol for the Upper Triangle
  • ?? – Symbol for the Lower Triangle

After getting the right symbols, interact with the door again to remove the lock and finally enter inside.

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Rewards

Contains Gear, Collectibles, & Cosmetics

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Door Puzzle Rewards

Solving the numerous door puzzles can net you a good number of good gear, collectibles, and cosmetics to help you in your journey. It may be worth your time seeking them out as whenever you can.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PS5 & PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Get to know more about the game via the official website.

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