How To Remove Holy Radiation In Wasteland 3

Holy Radiation Wasteland 3

Holy Raditation is a status effect introduced in the final DLC for Wasteland 3, Cult of the Holy Detonation. This status can either be seen as a boon or bane as it greatly increases the CON at the cost of hit/crit rate. It can be pretty hard to remove as you need rare items for it. Here are some of the items that can be used to remove Holy Radiation.

Items To Remove Holy Radiation In Wasteland 3

As of the moment, there are only 2 items that can remove Holy Radiation in Wasteland 3:

Holy Radiation Battery

Holy Radiation Battery


Removes 3 instances of Holy Radiation. Can be acquired by looting chests in the Cheyenne Mountain base. Can also be crafted after finishing one of the 3 levels required for the main quest in the Cult of the Holy Detonation DLC. To get the recipe, talk to Theodoric Curie.

You can craft it using the following materials:

  • 15 x Radiation Detection Rod

Anti-Radiation Mushroom

Anti Radiation Mushroom

Removes 3 instances of Holy Radiation. Can be bought from the Prisoner located in Mycology Lab of the Research Level. These mushrooms restock after some time.

Uranium Crossbow (Best)

Uranium Crossbow

Removes 1 stack of the Holy Radiation if you force fire it on your teammates. I don’t know if it’s a feature or bug but when I tried using it on my Rangers, the Holy Radiation turns from yellow buff to the blue buff that cultists have. Continuously firing also reduces the Holy Radiation to 0 at the cost of 1 Crystal Shard per shot. If you want to completely remove your Holy Radiation, this is the way to go. Just stay beside a doctor/healer so you can quickly patch up without consuming your much needed medical resources.

Infused Bolt Thrower Does Not Work

Infused Bolt Thrower

Inside the Cheyenne Mountain base, you can get the recipe for the Infused Bolt Thrower, a crossbow that states that it can remove Holy Radiation. Unlike the Uranium Crossbow however, it cannot remove the yellow Holy Radiation that can inflict your Rangers and can only remove the blue ones that the cultists have.

Wasteland 3 Holy Radiation – Stats & Effects

LevelCONHealing BonusCombat SpeedHit ChanceCrit Chance

Wasteland 3 Holy Radiation – Uses

Despite its negative connotations, Holy Radiation can be used in various ways in Wasteland 3. In terms of combat, it can be taken advantage of by having it on your tank. +100 CON is not a small thing and the additional +33% healing is also a benefit worth stating.

Aside from this, Holy Radiation is required to peacefully complete the main quests in this Cult of the Holy Damnation DLC.

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