How To Remove Tumors In Wasteland 3


In Wasteland 3’s new DLC, the Cult of the Holy Detonation, you encounter slimy and bulging tumors that block pathways and some chests. To remove this, you need to complete a mission that is part of the Cheyenne Mountain quest line. Depending on how you tackle things, you can remove these tumors during the early or latter parts of the DLC.

Wasteland 3 Tumors – Talk To Father Bezoar First

Father Bezoar and Tumor Door

In order to completely remove the tumors on crates and doors, you first need to talk to Father Bezoar. Once you enter the mission proper of Cheyenne Mountains, you will be given free rein as to which level to prioritize first. Father Bezoar is contained in the Security Level so if you want to remove tumors as soon as possible, prioritize rescuing him first.


After interacting with Bezoar and getting his Skin Pipe, which is just in front of his cell, you can easily approach any tumor to remove it. Note that you do not need to rescue Bezoar alive to get his Skin Pipe.

Leaving Bezoar alive, as a monster, or killing him affects the ending of this DLC.

How To Open The Tumor Door

Remove Door Tumor Wasteland 3

To open the Tumor Door, you need to first clear the path to Father Bezoar. After battling your way through, Bezoar will give you instructions on how to proceed. You then need to locate and obtain Father Bezoar’s Skin Flute. Once you have it with you, interact with the Tumor Door to remove the tumor and clear the path to the generator.

Removing Stubborn Tumor

Wasteland 3 Tune of Tumors

You also encounter a Stubborn Tumor in the Observation Level that requires a different tune to remove. You can find the tune required to remove the Stubborn Tumor in the Research Level, in the Mycology Lab. It is found inside the locker on the northeastern corner of the room. You can also find it together with a mission critical item called Particle Accelarator Keycard.

Tune of Tumors Location

Wasteland 3 Tumors

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