HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review Cover
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When it comes to budget offerings in the gaming headset space, we have a lot to choose from. Brands, even those not originally for gaming, have heavily marketed their own offerings to gamers with a clear intent to get a piece of the industry’s sweet succulent share. But with numerous budget gaming headsets out there, which one should you choose? Thankfully, we have one that does seem to stand out from the rest. This time, we review the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2, a budget-oriented gaming headset that offers a lot without breaking the bank. Is it good? Let’s find out.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review – Specifications

Headphone Specifications

Dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets
Form Factor
Over ear, circumaural, closed back
Frequency Response 10 Hz – 28 kHz
-40.5 dBV (1 V/Pa at 1 kHz)
T.H.D ≤ 2%
Frame Type Plastic
Ear Cushions
Memory foam and premium leatherette
Box Contents
Gaming Headset, PC extension cable, DTS Headphone:X (2 year activation code included), Quick Start Guide

Connections and Features

Audio Controls
Onboard audio controls

Microphone Specification

Electret condenser microphone
Polar Pattern
Bi-directional, Noise-cancelling
-40.5 dBV (1 V/Pa at 1 kHz)

Physical Specifications

Weight 0.60lb
Cable Length (imperial) and type
6.56ft, headset cable (2.0mm), 0.49ft PC PC splitter cable (3.5mm) | headset cable (2.0mm), PC PC splitter cable (3.5mm)

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review – At A Glance

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Box

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Back Ear Cups

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review Hungrygeeks 01

Adjustable Ear Cups

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review Hungrygeeks 16

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review Hungrygeeks 21

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2’s Notable Features

Cables Are Permanent

One thing worth noting with the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 is that the cord itself is fixed to the headset. Unlike other headsets in which you can remove the cable for easy storage or for decluttering after use, this one is a permanent fixture. Although it looks like it can’t be removed, you won’t be able to. Believe me, I tried.

Retractable Mic

Retractable Mic

The mic, like the cable, is fixed to the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2. However, you can raise it up to align with the headband when not in use to mute it. When you want to use it, you just swivel it down. You can also adjust the mic’s arm to also adjust the distance between your face and the mic.


Probably worth noting is that the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 does not come with a USB adapter. You can only use it with 3.5mm audio out of the box. Although you can use it with compatible USB audio sound cards and converters, you do have to buy them separately.

Includes A 2-Year DTS Headphone:X Code

To further boost the value inside the box, the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 comes with a 2-year subscription of DTS Headphone:X. You can use the code to fully enjoy the headset’s potential.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review – User Experience

Easy To Setup

The box only has two physical things (aside from papers) inside it: the headset itself and an extension cable that splits the input and output audio. You just plug it into your PC or mobile device’s socket and you are good to go. No drivers needed and no need to install anything. Just plug it in and you can start playing.

Can Be Used With Mobile Devices (If Compatible)

As mentioned above, you can use the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 with devices other than your gaming PC or laptop. You can use it for compatible mobile devices that still support 3.5mm audio.

Adjustable Bands And Rotating Earcups

Adjustable Ear Cups

Surprisingly, despite its price segment, the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 has a very adjustable headband coupled with rotating ear cups. Both earpieces can each be adjusted individually with an indicator displaying the distance extended by each piece.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review – Incredible Daily Driver

Great Value Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review Cover

The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 has so far impressed me with its features and what it can deliver. The sound quality is great given its price and if paired with a decent enough sound card, you can use it as a reliable tool to enjoy lossless music and play your favorite games. In terms of design, the way that you can fold the mic and adjust the headband, while simple, makes it easy to use and probably a good gift for first-time gamers.

Input Audio May Need Some Work

As expected, there are some room for improvements given the price of the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2. For one, the mic’s sensitivity. The headset also captures your breathing making it quite audible even if you adjust it to be a bit far from your face. This can be remedied by placing the mic under your chin but results may vary depending on the user. An alternative solution is to make use of software to filter out the breathing and unnecessary background noises.

Ear Pads Can Get Hot

The ear pads of the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 are of synthetic leather and they do tend to get hot especially in our beloved tropical climate here in the Philippines. Best play with these with your aircon on to prevent your ears from having a bit of selective sauna.

Good Quality Overall

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Review Award

Despite some room for improvements, the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 is still a good gaming headset. It’s affordable, has the things that you need in a gaming headset, is quite versatile, and it does come with a premium look. While it does lack a USB adapter, it can be used together with a large variety of devices. Overall, the output audio quality of the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 is above average, considering its price, and is good enough for daily usage such as video games and watching stuff online.

With it’s price, you also won’t go wrong in giving it to friends or family members who have been nagging you for a gaming headset.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Pricing & Availability

A quick Google search for local stores peg the price of the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 at an affordable PhP 1,990. You can get this gaming headset via online stores and in local stores. You can check out more about its features here.

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