Icarus M Guild War Release Cover
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VALOFE announced that mobile MMORPG ‘Icarus M: Guild War’ will officially release on the 23rd, starting with pre-character creation on the 10th.

Icarus M: Guild War Release Details

Releasing On The 23rd Of August

‘Icarus M: Guild War’ will officially release on the 23rd in a total of 7 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Portuguese) globally after the pre-character creation event ended, excluding Korea, Singapore, and China.

Earn While Playing

‘Icarus M’ is a game developed by WEMADE using the existing ‘Icarus’ IP and re-published by VALOFE. It is a mobile MMORPG with a large-scale battle in the sky and a fellow system as its core. The newly introduced game is said to have been developed so that users can experience block chain technology after signing the onboarding of the ‘WEMIX’ platform in July of last year.


As ‘Icarus M: Guild War’ has the subtitle ‘Guild War’ attached to the existing ‘Icarus M’, Users can feel various changes within the game. The newly remade guild battle is much more strategic with the addition of guild battle-specific items, allowing users to enjoy thrilling guild battles, and VALOFE can mine goods and mining in-game based on the achievements of games opened through the existing ‘WEMIX’ platform. The company explained that it is possible to experience a more robust token economy system through the connection of systems.

Icarus M: Guild War To Use VEL Tokens

Currently, game tokens distributed by VALOFE through the ‘WEMIX’ platform include RIA, BLZ, WSC, and NCC, and the company announced that the token to be issued through ‘Icarus M: Guild War’ has been decided as VEL.

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