Initial Thoughts on Monster Hunter World (PC)

I remember trembling with anticipation as the clocked ticked last August 9. Despite having work the next day, I wished and hoped to be able to immediately install Monster Hunter World, Capcom’s latest big installment in the Monster Hunter franchise. Having played the game during the happier times of my youth (aka Uni), going back to it wasn’t just for the sake of fun, but for nostalgia itself. Anyhow, my wait wasn’t in vain as I was successful in installing once Steam allowed it. Looking forward to the next day, I tucked into my humble futon and dreamt of the vast lands filled with slain dog-dinosaur hybrids.

But then again, nothing goes as planned.


Having contacted and contracted a large number of my friends to play, I was sadly unable to connect with them due to the game’s networking infrastructure (or the lack thereof). Disconnects are all too common and with the game’s system, it’s not difficult to get frustrated. See, the system goes with this setup: up to four players per hunt, the larger the number of players, the more difficult things get. Now imagine having three friends joining and all of them getting disconnected in rapid succession, leaving you playing alone with the game having a monster buffed up to combat four hunters. Isn’t that a crappy situation that no one would ever want to be in?

Even with that said, I can honestly say that the game is fun and enjoyable. It’s ways better than the one I’m used to back in the day (Monster Hunter: Portable 2G for the PSP). Also worth noting is that it is still very easy to get immersed in, and with today’s tech, it’s a very tempting game to have.

So as of now, and even after more than a week, Monster Hunter World is incredibly fun but has a very infuriating problem due to its constant disconnects.

Review to follow in the next couple of days. Just give me time to craft that Nergi Set I’ve been farming for hours.